Updated Fave TV Opening Title Sequences


Top TV Opening Title Sequences

A little while ago, when this blog was just starting out, I listed out some of my favourite TV opening title sequences. A few years later and the opening title sequence is still an endangered species. While some TV shows are still creating fantastic openers, others are opting out, like The Knick and Fargo. I guess, maybe it’s something to do with time. Or something more complicated I don’t know about.

Who knows, I still enjoy a good opener and since I last listed my favourites, I have a few new ones. So thought it was about time for my to update the list.

A maybe weekly round-up (5)


Last week it was rain. This week, it’s the cold. Transitioned into the winter coat this past week. The mornings are getting pretty damn chilly. Though, thankfully, the rest of the day is never too chilly. So far. Autumn is here!

This week saw me messing with zombies, watching a new cinema release and nearly locking myself into my house. Yes.

The catch-up post



Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Looks like summer time has finally hit us here in the UK. Timing has been perfect. Considering I’ve just come back from a long spell in Portugal where I’ve gotten used to 35 degree heat and a swimming pool where the water temperature is 30 degrees.

What have I been up to recently? To be honest, not a whole lot. What am I currently doing? Well…

Scandinavian Invasion


It’s been such a long time since I made an update on what I’m currently watching on TV. In fact, my last proper round-up was in December!

The Mini TV Catch Up

Before I get to the point of this post, I’ll do a quick mini-round up.

I’ve ditched a lot of TV this year. The likes of White Collar, Hawaii Five-O, Awake, Touch, The Killing, Alcatraz, Falling Skies (decided I won’t be starting that one up again. Sanity has prevailed!) and the US version of Shameless. I swear there’s more. There was an overwhelming sense of relief when I decided to quit these shows.

Back to The Bridge

The Bridge
The point of this post? The Bridge. A new TV show that’s started on BBC4 a couple of weeks ago, which has got me hooked. Earlier this week, Scott over at Front Room Cinema professed his love for the show and I felt the need to share mine. Why? This show is fantastic.

It’s a Scandinavian import – a Swedish/Danish crime/mystery/thriller. A body is found on the bridge that links Sweden with Denmark and the mystery goes from there.

What is it with all of this Scandinavian imports recently? TrollHunter, Headhunters, Rare Exports (Which I’ve yet to see but really want to!), The Killing, Wallander, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Borgen. There are so many. I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying it all. I wish I had seen the original The Killing, but I knew about it just a little bit too late.

The Bridge isn’t your typical crime/thriller TV show. Well, not for this side of the sea. Maybe for those guys over there. I love the colour palette of the show. The pacing is near on perfect. Each episode is a solid hour-long, but never feels like it.

It’s not all serious

In amongst all the drama, there’s a surprising amount of humour. For me, the humour comes from the character of Saga Noren.

Saga Noren

The Swedish detective on the case. She’s not exactly people friendly. Yet, she’s an incredible detective. She’s blunt, to the point and maybe a little bit tactless. Which is where her humour comes from.

The Bridge isn’t the kind of show you can dip in and out of. You need to be watching every single episode. Though, after you’ve seen the first one, I doubt you’d not want to.

I can see this getting turned into an American series in no time. Which is a shame. So before that gets turned into the next bandwagon, get on to the original! You can catch up on BBC iPlayer right now.

There’s a new couple of episodes on tonight, so I’m going to get settled in for some Scandinavian TV gold.