100 movies of 2010: Update

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100 movies of 2010

It’s been a bit of a slower week this week with only 3 movies watched, but that’s better than I would have done had I not been trying to watch 100 movies this year. Another mixed bunch too.

Slumdog Millionaire (16/01/10)
For some reason the hype machine that was working for this movie last year skipped me. Well I saw the hype, but I felt it was over hyped. A lot of people saying it’s a really ‘good’ movie or ‘nice’ movie just put me off a lot for some reason. Also despite being Indian, I’m not a big Bollywood fan and the big thing about this movie was mixing of the Bollywood with Hollywood. Well that wasn’t totally accurate I found out upon watching the movie. It’s definitely a good movie. Danny Boyle’s direction really makes the movie look amazing. The way the story’s told also adds to the ‘goodness’ of this movie. I can’t really find too much fault with this movie, I did enjoy watching it. Though I don’t understand how overhyped it was. I felt it showed a bit of a one sided view of Mumbai, but I guess it’s the Western world’s POV of India. Still.
Rating: 4/5

Australia (16/01/10)
I really did want to see this movie when it was first released in the cinema. Baz Luhrman and Hugh Jackman … I’m not the biggest Nicole Kidman fan. I thought this would be a winner. I am now grateful I waited ’til now to see it. What on Earth was this movie meant to be about? It had so many different plots rolled into it and I don’t think it really knew where it was going. Overly long and without any real purpose. But speaking as a female – Hugh Jackman was much appreciated in this movie. Hell YES. But he alone wasn’t enough. Some great scenery and emotional stuff which got the tears out of me, but that’s getting easier and easier these days.
Rating: 2/5

Yes Man (17/01/10)
Not exactly something I really desperately needed to see, but a nice enough movie to spend a Sunday afternoon watching. I thought the whole cast was good, besides Jim Carey. He just seemed a bit of an odd piece of casting considering how much younger the rest of the cast were. Made his pairing with Zooey Deschanel all the more bizarre. It was nice enough. I’ve not read the book, though from what I can guess all they took from the book was the loose concept of saying YES to everything. Jim Carey did some gurning, he couldn’t go a whole movie without. It was great seeing Rhys Darby, though in a similar role as he was in Flight of the Conchords. An entertaining enough movie, I’m guessing, if you haven’t read the book.
Rating: 2/5

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12 movies so far this year

  1. Three Kings (4/5) 04/01/10
  2. Defiance (5/5) 06/01/10
  3. Frost/Nixon (4/5) 06/01/10
  4. Dreamgirls (4/5) 07/01/10
  5. Munich (2/5) 08/01/10
  6. Ray (4/5) 09/01/10
  7. Max Payne (1/5) 09/01/10
  8. Mirrors (2/5) 09/01/10
  9. Ali (5/5) 10/01/10
  10. Slumdog Millionaire (4/5) 16/01/10
  11. Australia (2/5) 16/01/10
  12. Yes Man (2/5) 17/01/10

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