It’s a Deathtrap

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Going Out

My last concurrent Saturday of theatre was last Saturday. I’ve spent three Saturdays in a row at the theatre! I don’t think I even went to the theatre that much last year, let alone within a matter of weeks. I think I’ve been to the theatre, so far this year, the most out of any year. I’ll have to do a run down of all the trips towards the end of the year.

Deathtrap at Noel Coward Theatre

This weekend what did I see? Deathtrap at the Noel Coward Theatre. Starring Simon Russell Beale, Jonathan Groff, Claire Skinner, Terry Beaver and Estelle Parsons, here’s how the theatre people describe it:

Groff plays the part of Clifford, a gifted young writer who befriends Sidney Bruhl (Russell Beale), a best-selling novelist and playwright. He turns up at Bruhl’s Connecticut home with a new stage thriller which turns out to be superior to anything Bruhl has done.

I had no knowledge whatsoever of the previous theatre production or film, all I knew is what I saw on the poster – A Comedy Thriller. I was expecting a murder, of sorts, but that was it.

Think this is one of my favourite plays I’ve seen. The actors were brilliant – very impressive cast. The set was stunning – loved the use of lighting. There was plenty of humor and a good set of jumps as well, which was surprising but welcomed! I like a bit of a jump in the theatre.

Recommend anyone to go and see this. Comedy mixed with a bit of murder – what’s not to like!

My next theatre trip won’t be until October! However will I cope? Well, I’ve got Muse at Wembley Stadium this coming Saturday, that’s how!

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