Is it time for me to try Google Chome again?

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Remember a while ago I decided to ditch Firefox in favour for Chrome for a trial period? After the trial period was over I scooted myself back to Firefox for a few reasons of my own.

Eight months down the line I’m now thinking whether it’s worth giving Google Chrome another go. @nickla recently tweeted a link to 25 essential chrome extensions for web developers. Going through that list, I saw a lot of plugins that didn’t exist eight months ago!

So I’m tempted to give Chrome another go. Firefox is still incredibly slow at times and crashes more often than it ever has. I’m excited to see what they’re doing with Firefox 4, but I’m thinking, until that becomes a reality, I need an Internet browser that’s a tad more reliable and a bit quicker. Also, being able to see HTML5 and CSS3 sites without having to switch between browsers!

From tomorrow onwards, I shall be a Chrome girl, once again. This time, i think I’ll just see how long I last in it. Until I want to slink back to my comfort zone of Firefox. If I slink back at all.

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