Music that makes me happy – The Lady Killer

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I will admit that music wise, I’m not always clued in. I’m not the kind of person who listens to bands that no one’s heard of yet. There are a couple of bands I really love, listen to constantly and will always get their albums. Those bands being Foo Fighters and probably Muse. I think those are the only two bands where I want to physically own their albums. Everyone else, I’m not too fussed with just listening to them on Spotify.

Spotify is what has given me a new music obsession. They put up Cee Lo Green’s new album – The Lady Killer – last week some time. Possibly earlier. I put it on my to listen list, only because of Gnarls Barkley. I liked their first album, not too keen on the second, apart from a couple of tracks. I was curious enough to hear Cee Lo’s own album – I like his singing style.

I’m now currently fairly obsessed with this album. First time I listened to it, it made me ridiculously happy. I’m not joking. I was at work, I needed something to get me through the afternoon and The Lady Killer was picked out of the mess of playlists in my Spotify account. When I finished listening to the album I was humming some of the songs and nothing that would happen at work phased me, after listening.

It’s now my go-to album to put a smile on my face. My favourite tracks are Bright Lights Bigger City, It’s OK and of course Fuck You. But I can quite happily just sit and listen the whole album over and over again.

This album’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Considering it usually takes angry and loud music to do that, this is quite a change for me! It’s a fun pop album and if you need a smile on your face, give it a go. It might just work.

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