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I know it’s only been a few months, but my TV schedule has changed a fair bit since I last posted what I was currently watching. I’ve been pretty brutal and struck off a handful of shows. Those shows being Castle, Bones, House and Leverage.

Castle, House and Leverage all have similar reasons for why I stopped watching. Of which they were; a backlog of episodes and not caring about the show enough to catch-up.

However with Castle and House I probably would still be watching had I note had a backlog of episodes on my Sky box to watch. They’re both entertaining enough, I like the characters in the shows and it makes a change from some of the other shows I watch. But I just didn’t care enough to catch-up. I do still watch the odd episode here and there. If it’s on TV.

Leverage on the other hand had the reasons seen above in addition to just being tiresome. The cases were getting boring and very same-y. I swear the episodes started and ended in exactly the same way with different character names swapped in. I wasn’t invested in the characters any more – none of them seemed to be developing at all. That frustrated me. A fun show to watch, but that’s not enough for me now.

The last show to be cut this season: Bones. I was part tempted to stop watching last season, but for whatever unknown reasons, I kept with it. I think I lasted 2 episodes into the new season, by which time I was so frustrated with it I had to call it quits. The whole opening episode annoyed me to no end. How Cam could be so incompetent, when she never was before. It was all a whole load of bull!

One show on the brink of death for me is Lie to Me. It’s a pretty standard procedural show, but I like Tim Roth as Lightman. I like the character. However, I’m getting bored with the week-to-week episodes. The cases are all a bit boring and flat. It feels like they’ve turned Lightman into more of an obnoxious man than before. Same goes for Eli. He never used to be such a … well, idiot. I’m sticking with it for now. I’ll see in the New Year if I feel any different about it.

It looks like I’m dropping a lot of procedurals, but I think I’m still watching a couple – Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods (Though you could argue that’s not quite a procedural).

I’ll make another post soon when the cable shows end and network shows go on their mid-season hiatus. Which won’t actually be that far off.


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