Currently Watching: A long overdue update

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Since the last time I posted one of my currently watching updates, I’ve managed to pick up and drop, probably, an equal number of shows. This year I have started watching a lot of old-ish cable shows, thanks to Sky Atlantic! So here’s the list, with some minor comments from me.

Currently Watching

I’m not looking forward to when new TV starts. I’ve got a lot on my list of things to try. Hoping I get to drop a fair few within the first couple of weeks of the new season. I’ve got a taste for being brutal with dropping shows.


  1. I miss The Wire, The Sopranos and Carnivale. But I’m glad those shows are still being discovered by people who can appreciate them. I see there was no comment for Game of Thrones. Is that because it’s so good it doesn’t really need a description because the greatness is simply implied? 😉

    • I am thankful for Sky Atlantic and FX for broadcasting The Wire and The Sopranos. I just can’t believe how amazingly great both the shows are. Puts a lot of current TV to shame.

      Carnivale is a put tough for me to watch – more slow moving than I was anticipating and Ben Hawkins doesn’t make for a watchable or likeable antagonist! But I can see that it’s got a lot going for it, so sticking with it!

      As for GoT – slight mishap on my half!:

      Took me a little while to get into the show, but halfway through the first season I was suckered in. The finale left me so gobsmacked I turned to the books. Totally hooked now.

      Maybe the mishap was down to my sheer awe of the show’s greatness 😉

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  3. i sometimes wake up sweating and screaming at odd times. i think it’s the residual effects of Carnivale being cancelled.

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