The final bits from the garden


While I’ve still got a few chilli plants chugging away in the greenhouse the rest of the vegetable and fruit plants in the garden are pretty much done.

The other week me and the family stripped the pear tree of the rest of the fruit off of it. It’s a small tree. It has spent most of the season bent over with fruit. And yet, it still hangs in there to give me this. To which I say, thank you.

Pears, pears, pears!

4 thoughts on “The final bits from the garden

  1. Oh my, those look so fantastically nommish! Pears are my fruit weakness. I could devour them all day long.

    Speaking of which, I’ll have that top one, please 🙂

    1. All gone!

      I wanted to see if I could make some kind of cake or pie with the pears, but didn’t get a chance. Home grown stuff tends to go off a lot quicker than shop stuff. Next year I’ll make a pear cake/pie.

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