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I think this entry should probably be more appropriately tagged Currently NOT Watching, because that’s exactly what these shows are now.

When the new Fall TV schedule began, I got a little bit overwhelmed with the TV I had decided to watch. I was prepared to feel overwhelmed, but there was so much!

Thankfully, a month or so into new TV season, I’m happy to say I’ve dropped four new shows already.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova
I managed to stick through 3 episodes of Terra Nova before I decided to call it quits. Being a fan of Primeval (Don’t look at me that way!) I figured with a bigger budget and Steven Spielberg onboard it could only be better. Yes I know, the premiere was put off more times than I can remember, but I still had hopes.

Hopes that were all wrong. It’s got a great concept but it’s washed down with clichéd and boring characters I’ve seen time and again. There’s just nothing new or exciting about this show whatsoever. Stephen Lang appears to be playing his character from Avatar and Conan the Barbarian combined. The family we’re meant to be rooting for are just plain dull and their kids? Rather have the show without them please! And we’re clear, Sixers = Lost’s The Others, yes?

Fair enough, I’ve only seen 3 episodes. But that was enough. Let me know if you’ve made it through more and it got better.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest
The keyword in that title is interest, which this show reduced in as the episodes went by. From the outset it looked like it was going to go down the procedural/stand alone episodes. Fine with that. I watch plenty of that as it is. Interesting concept, if held together by string at times.

My main problem with this was Jim Caviezel and his character. More specifically, his whispering. Now see, I don’t have a problem with Christian Bale’s weird Batman whisper-y voice. Nor Jensen Ackles’ increasingly whisper-y Dean Winchester. But here, I had a problem. I have no rational explanation here though.

Other than the whispering I find Jim’s character just dull. Sure there hasn’t been a lot of exploration into him and his motives, nor Michael Emerson’s, but sometimes you need a bit more in the first few episodes to get you hooked.


Ahh Ringer! I wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to watch you. Sure you’ve got Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd heading up the cast. All good people in my books. But the concept felt a bit weak to me.

I lasted about 3 episodes. Though I was probably only half watching in the third episode. Felt overly soap opera-ish. But in a bad way. Not in the way Revenge is successfully managing to pull off. There was a whole lot of bad acting going on in what I saw.

The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle
This show was a long stretch for me. It’s not the kind of thing I’d usually watching, but as I was giving everything a go, I figured why not. 2 episodes later and it’s been kicked off my schedule. Unsurprisingly.

It felt incredibly soapy, like Ringer. Some clichéd characters like Terra Nova. With a supernatural themed plot that felt like it’s been done before. Smash up of Charmed and The Craft with a little touch of Eastwick. Either way, it’s gone.

On the Bubble

There are a few shows I’m still watching but just not sure how long I’ll be watching for.

American Horror Story I’m getting on with ok. I’m not quite sucked into it. There are some oddities I’m struggling with this show.

Pan Am started great. Loved the look and feeling of it. But the last couple of episodes have been a tiny bit of a struggle for me. Stop shoe horning!

Suburgatory is fun to watch, sometimes. For some reason I’ve been willing to give this show shot after shot. It reminds me of Community a little bit in how strange it can be and yet still be a sitcom of sorts. I’m not sure how long I’m willing to give it. A little bit more.

The Walking Dead is a show I’m considering dropping if season 2 doesn’t light a fire in me. I thought the first season was ok. The zombies look amazing – best make up on TV. But the characters? I hated them all. Couldn’t get behind any of them. That makes TV hard for me to watch!

Think I’m wrong? Think I shouldn’t be dropping some of these? Or maybe I shouldn’t be watching what I still am!


  1. Curiously enough, I just wrote a post about new series I’m going to stick to! Pan Am and American Horror Story among them. As for The Secret Circle and Terra Nova, you already know. I dropped Person of Interest too… I love Jim Caveziel, I found the show too boring. Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday, I’m not sure.

    • Person of Interest felt like it had a lot of potential. I did used to like Jim Caviezel, but not sure if it’s him and his portrayal of the lead character or the character itself I just found dull.

      I’m thinking if the TV channels over here pick it up, I might give it one more shot.

      Will check out your new series post now 😀

  2. I like Homeland, Revenge, Boss and American Horror Story. The rest of the new fall shows are pretty weak and they’re falling off my list rapidly. Dumped Pan Am after 2 episodes. I think the latest episode of Person of Interest will be the last one I watch. Terra Nova is a catastrophe and I’m not sure why I’m still watching. I probably won’t for much longer. Britt Robertson is cute and I like Poppy Montgomery, but I’m at wits end with their shows.

    No use crying over dumped shows because there’s an avalanche of new stuff coming at mid-season and in 2012 in general. I see sooooo much potential and I can imagine several of the things I watch now being easily replaced.

    • I’ve got Boss’ first episode waiting for me. Going to give it a go on your recommendation – they’re usually good ones!

      Sometimes I feel like I ought to still be watching Terra Nova. After all, I managed a whole season of Falling Skies and they’re so alike!

      The new mid-season stuff looks to be a whole lot more exciting. Can’t wait.

  3. I’m 4 episodes into Terra Nova and I kind of like it. The dialogue is a bit clunky at times and causes me to roll my eyes though. The 2nd episode was overly cliched (and a little too reminiscent of a scene from Jurassic Park: kids + trapped in vehicle = seen that all before).

    Ringer… meh. I did not fair as well as you. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it beyond the pilot. So bored. It felt overly narrated too. Everything was explained to the viewer like it was oh so complicated and dramatic, when it actually wasn’t. And I love SMG, but her voice grated on me in this.

    Have you been watching Wilfred on BBC3? I love that show! Odd, but funny.

    • I really, really wanted to like Terra Nova. The main thing that put me off it was Stephen Lang and his character. Ugh. Done to death! Also the family annoy the hell out of me. It lacked any real conflict I could get behind.

      Yes to what you said about Ringer! Jebus! The central plot of the show isn’t exactly rocket science and yet they still thought they needed explanations? Done.

      I did try Wilfred – the US remake, right? I loved it’s oddballness, but 4 episodes in I was falling behind on my TV schedule and the oddballness was getting a bit too oddball for me. Didn’t realise it was on BBC3 – might give it another shot.

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