2012’s photo project starts with a little alphabet soup

2012 Photography Project, Photo Challenges

2012’s here which means it’s time for me to get going with this monthly photo project challenge I’ve set myself.

January’s theme is a simple alphabet soup theme. 26 letters of the alphabet. By the end of the month I need to have photographed something that represents each letter.

As there aren’t 26 letters in the month I obviously can’t take a photo a day. But I figured that if I don’t do them in order, I’m going to forget which letters I’ve done. So I’m going to cover 6 letters a week:

  • Week 1: A – F
  • Week 2: G – M
  • Week 3: N – T
  • Week 4: U – Z

Hoping to post my weekly efforts, if I remember to!

I know Mui’s joining me on this one. Anyone else?