But how did he get stuck in the walls?

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Ever find yourself watching the very random bit of TV after what you actually tuned in to watch has ended? I think I’m getting lazier with the TV remote.

See, I’m getting slightly addicted to one of the most random choice of TV to get mildly addicted to watching.

These days, after I get home from work, I get on the exercise bike for half an hour. This usually gives me a chance to appease my appetite for trashy TV (old America’s Next Top Model). But then, I’m on the bike and the remote’s often out of reach. What’s on after ANTM? RSPCA Animal Rescue.

It’s one of those shows that I start watching but then I can’t stop because I need to find out what happened to that dog that got stranded on that island and is currently starving! Or if that horse ever got up out of the mud it was stuck in! Or what happened to the people who owned that shed full of rats.

It’s the animal lover in me. I just can’t help it. They make you watch the show to the end. They never tell you what happened to that poor puppy stuck in the wall they told you about at the beginning of the show. And damnit, I need to know!

I need to learn to just not watch Sky Living.


  1. Ha, I know that feeling! I got hooked on a couple of throwaway History Channel shows — Pawn Stars and American Pickers — for that very reason.

  2. At least you get to watch an awesome programme while exercising your awesome! Take care, Jaina.

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