100 movies of 2012: The final tally and the 2013 challenge

100 movies of 2012

Another year and another 100 movies challenge that I set myself, has ended. How did I do? Well, sadly I didn’t hit my target of 100 films in the year. Managed to fit in 90 new-to-me films. That’s not a bad tally, right?

Still trying to figure out where I went wrong there. By the end of September I had already seen 75 films. Looks like the new TV season played a massive part in sucking time away from film watching. Happens every year!

Enough of me judging myself, what about the films I saw.

I only managed to see 26 films at the cinema. Only 26 cinema trips in a year. That is poor. Last year I managed a whopping 42 films at the cinema! Though I could put that down to the fact that last year I spent most of the year working within a one minute walk of a cinema. That definitely helps.

17 films got a 5/5 rating from me. Thought I was a bit more generous than that. Clearly not – The Raid, Skyfall, Argo, Looper, Young Frankenstein, The Apartment, Brave, 21 Jump Street, The Dark Knight Rises, Britain in a Day, Avengers Assemble, The Cabin in the Woods, The Big Lebowski, Road to Perdition, The Muppets, The Artist and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Then at the other end of the scale, only 4 films were handed a 1/5 – Ca$h, Red Riding Hood, Bad Teacher and Super. Maybe I wasn’t harsh enough. Too many 2’s and 3’s out of 5.

In the month of October I managed a dismal 3 films. That’s just disgusting. Really. Less than 1 per week! On the flip side March was my best film watching month where I managed a pretty good 13 films in the month.

Now for some random film watching stats

  • Three films this year were able to get me to see them at the cinema twice. Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall.
  • Watched all three Universal Classic Monster films. Frankenstein being my favourite.
  • Six comic book adaptations.
  • Ten horror films. The Cabin in the Woods being the top horror of the year.
  • Six non-English language films.
  • Three animated films.
  • Four films which star Chris Hemsworth. (It’s a sickness)
  • Out of the 90 films I’ve seen, nine films have female heroes.
  • Eight films from the year feature in IMDB’s Top 250 list.
  • Managed to knock three films off of my list of Films I Need to See.

What about 2013?

Lots of umming and ahhing about whether I should do another 100 movies challenge for 2013. Thing is, I’ve been doing this challenge every year since 2008. It just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t repeat the challenge again.

So, another year and another target of seeing at least 100 new-to-me films. Though, I’m going to make more of an effort to see films off my Films I Need to See list and more classics. Less fluff. Until, that is, my brain feels the need for some pathetically awful romcom when/if I get ill! (They’re my weakness when my heads all foggy.)

Wish me luck! And if you’re doing a film challenge for the year, good luck to you too.

30 thoughts on “100 movies of 2012: The final tally and the 2013 challenge

  1. Don’t beat yourself too much. I never really challenge myself for an amount movie to see, but I only wish to see more each year. I don’t stress myself too much. I think that’s my motto for 2013, blogging for fun. I figured so much scheduling makes it less fun. But I think 90 films are quite okay. Here’s for 2013!

  2. Good luck reaching 100 film in 2013. You know, if you did 52 films (one per week), then you would easily accomplish your goal every year! Everyone would think you were an all-star. πŸ™‚

  3. 90 films is nothing to scoff about girl! Great job! And LOL on the Chris Hemsworth. (It’s a sickness). And awesome that 10% of the films had female heroins! Did you see Hunger Games, I think you did, but I can’t remember. Just saw Pitch Perfect last night, it was cute! For a foggy day, try Burlesque. Definite some fluff. Or Proposal — I liked it!

  4. Off your 5/5 list, I haven’t seen Britain in a Day. There’s another UK doc I want to watch, called London: The Modern Babylon (2012). Not sure who the target audience is, though

    I know the feeling of watching fluff, I tend to do that when I’m really tired. Prefer to watch quality with full concentration, you know?
    Have fun with your 2013 challenge!

    1. That’s how I prefer to watch quality too. There have been a couple of films, think The French Connection and Bullitt, where I tried to watch them with half a brain on and ended up falling asleep. Gave them both second tries and loved them.

      Always interested in watching more documentaries, didn’t see nearly enough last year. London: The Modern Babylon sounds interesting, not much info on it out there though. That I can see in my quick few minutes on here before work!

  5. Working a 1-minute walk away from a cinema would be my idea of HEAVEN. No wonder you’d managed over 40 previously! 26 is still a pretty impressive figure from my perspective πŸ™‚

    Is Red Riding Hood really that bad? I’ve had it on my Sky box for ages now. Had heard good things about it but haven’t found the motivation to sit down and watch it.

    1. It really is. Gary Oldman tries his best to lift it out of its steaming pile of shit state, but it’s not worth it. Don’t put yourself through it!

      1. And to think, he was one of the selling points! Disappointed to hear this though, but it saves me a couple hours of misery, so thank you πŸ™‚

        1. Yep, he was one of the key players which made me think twice about the film. Ah well, I’ve done my duty πŸ˜‰ Saving you a couple of hours of pain!

  6. YOU WILL hit 100 this year for sure! I have faith! Hope you get round to a few more of those classics you still need to see but also look forward to your thoughts on the new releases!

    1. Haha, thanks for the support Pete! Plenty of new releases I’m excited to see – Gangster Squad, Les Mis, Django Unchained. Moreso, DJANGO!

  7. Maybe I’m too wrapped up in my own scoring system, but I’ve only given perfect scores to 14 films….ever. I think I’m the one who’s not generous here…haha
    It may help that I’m free to give half scores, which certainly separates the nearly flawless yet excellent films from my all-time favorites.

    Out of the 17 films you gave a 5/5 to I’ve managed to see 15 of those, leaving out Young Frankenstein (which I saw the first few minutes of) and The Apartment. Out of the pack, my biggest score went to Looper with 4.5/5

    For 2013 I plan several things, the first is a marathon on Alfred Hitchcock. I intend to watch at least 30 of his films (at least that’s the goal). So far I’ve already gotten through 2 of them and enjoyed them both. First post coming next week.
    I’m also planning to continue on my IMDB Top 250 reviews and I’m definitely going to try to make more of an effort to keep a tally of movies watched per year so I can reference back.
    Slowly, I’m also preparing a Top 250 films ever of my own, but I have yet to watch so many classics, I can’t possibly post it anytime soon, it would be too incomplete!
    Good luck on 2013 and happy (belated) new year!!

    1. For me, 5/5 doesn’t denote a perfect film. More a film, that I personally, got something out of. Whether it’s pure enjoyment or something deeper. Not allowing myself to use half points does make things tricky though. Also, depending on my mood, sometimes I’ll be meaner or nicer!

      I’ve got a lot of Hitchcock films on my sights too. Not got a target, but want to say by the end of the year, I’ve seen more than the three I have already seen.

      Good luck with your film watching for the year πŸ˜€

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