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  • bubbawheat

    I think I’ve seen that one before, but I agree. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece.

    • Jaina

      It feels like it’d need this exact frame to do it any justice.

  • Nostra

    Wow, that’s an amazing piece, would love to have one!

  • lisacng @

    Too bad they don’t sell it with the frame! I know, I hate that dilemma too! I can’t commit to art for that very reason. We still have family photos from our move last Oct. that are still wrapped up, on the floor :(

    • Jaina

      That picture sounds so familiar. Why does it feel like so much hard work to get things on the walls?

      • lisacng @

        I have no idea! I have a hard time picking out a spot too.

  • ruth

    That’s sooo cute!!

  • Eric

    That is awesome.

  • Andina

    Such a cute art piece. I love Totoro :)