Someone had to get the family back together


Just a month until new Arrested Development. Currently in the midst of a big, much-needed rewatch. (I’ve only seen the entire show once! Shame on me.)

Just to show my excitement, wanted to post the new posters that have been doing the rounds.

Completely unspoiled for the new season and still wondering just what order I’m going to watch the episodes in.


8 thoughts on “Someone had to get the family back together

  1. I hate to admit it, but i’ve never seen this show. Heard about it and I recall thinking I should give it a go on various occasions but never quite got round to it. Is it really that good?

    Scrap that. Daft question!

  2. Can’t wait for the show to start again. Will Arnett’s character always cracks me up “I f—ed Lucille!” 😛
    And that bit when he tried to swallow the key and get in the prison? Oh, God ^^

  3. I’ve made a huge mistake!

    Hands-down runaway as my favourite TV comedy series of all time. Not just funny, but smart and gives you more every time you watch it. Absolutely buzzing for the new series. If there’s not a ‘Call me Maybe’ joke in there, the writers have lost it!

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