Project 365 2013/14: Day One

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Project 365

In an effort to make sure I’m as occupied as possible for the next year, here’s me giving a 365 project another go. Yes, it’s not the beginning of a year, but that’s not a rule, right?

Project 365 2013/14: Day One

I should really say something about this photo. Would it be incredibly cheesy to called it challenges? What the hell, it’s my photo, so I’ll just call it that. Today definitely marks the first day in what could be a very challenging year for me. And I’ve got to face it with a whole heap of positivity and even more strength.

One day I will get around to the ins and outs of what’s kept me so quiet here. One day. Hope there’s going to be enough people still interested for it to be worth a post.


  1. You’ll be fine. Just turn that clever eye you have for photographs towards finding the way out of whatever situation you’re in! 😉

    Great pic, as always, btw. 😀

    Good luck Jaina, I’m sending some positive vibes your way!

  2. Good luck Jaina! Whatever you need to get you through this year, I’ll be cheering you on and if you need a friendly ear, I’m an e-mail away x.

  3. Correct, no “rule” in when a 365 project needs to begin. I like the title. Certainly is a challenge to get started on a project, certainly life brings many challenges. I like the simplicity and focus of the photo on the subject.

  4. I join this 30 day challenge for June in Instagram, and felt a little challenging. One year, that’s a big one. Great job to challenge yourself!

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