All new adventures in cooking


I like to bake and I like to cook. Baking more than cooking. I find baking relaxing. Cooking feels more like a daily necessity for me. I do enjoy it, just not as much. Mostly because I’m stuck in a rut of just cooking the same old things every day.

Hopefully, not anymore. I want to try cooking new things. Not just mildly new things, but actually new things. Things I’ve never cooked before. First up was an aubergine parmigiana. Or egg-plant parmesan to you guys over the pond.

Used the recipe from Felicity Cloake over at The Guardian and it turned out pretty well. Needed a bit more seasoning. And I underestimated just how much effort was actually required. But I was quite happy with the results. Next time I might skip the breadcrumb-y/parmesan-y topping. And maybe not make it so deep. Scratch that, I like the layers.

My slicing skills need honing. Can not cut slices of aubergine all the same to save my life. Possibly a getting a decent knife will help there too. It’s all about practice though, right?