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I like to bake and I like to cook. Baking more than cooking. I find baking relaxing. Cooking feels more like a daily necessity for me. I do enjoy it, just not as much. Mostly because I’m stuck in a rut of just cooking the same old things every day.

Hopefully, not anymore. I want to try cooking new things. Not just mildly new things, but actually new things. Things I’ve never cooked before. First up was an aubergine parmigiana. Or egg-plant parmesan to you guys over the pond.

Used the recipe from Felicity Cloake over at The Guardian and it turned out pretty well. Needed a bit more seasoning. And I underestimated just how much effort was actually required. But I was quite happy with the results. Next time I might skip the breadcrumb-y/parmesan-y topping. And maybe not make it so deep. Scratch that, I like the layers.

My slicing skills need honing. Can not cut slices of aubergine all the same to save my life. Possibly a getting a decent knife will help there too. It’s all about practice though, right?


  1. Slicing definitely requires a good knife and practice. That said, if you slice stuff a lot it might be worth buying a vegetable slicer. They even do electric ones, saving you the chore of doing it manually. Personally, I think roughly chopped is just as good, depending on what the recipe calls for of course.

  2. Now THAT looks tasty. I’m similar to you, like baking more than cooking. Vegetables are my nemesis. I either under or overcook them. No middle ground.

    This looks worth a try 🙂 Aubergine, nom!

  3. Good for ya, trying new recipes to inspire yourself to cook. I don’t mind cooking but like you said, it *is* something ya gotta do. I’ve been into baking a lot more these days. Your eggplant parm looks great. I had this recipe that called for me to bread, fry, and then bake it. Took waaaaaay too long.

    • Yeah, I saw a few recipes which called to do that too. I didn’t want that extra faff either!

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