Say hello to the new

Web Design

The past week and a bit I’ve been a little bit busy. Well, not busy. But I’d given myself a task to do and get done in just over a week. Get my portfolio updated.

This is what it was. Which is fine. It was nothing special. Well, it was a bit special once upon a time ago. But no longer. I’d kept the information updated and added new work as and when I could. But the design? Just a bit eh really. From my POV.

Say hello to the redesigned Complete redesign. From scratch. Portfolio Redesign

It’s totally responsive, so it’ll work on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. I could have done more to make it retina friendly, but eh. I got lazy there. It’s still just a one page simple affair but I am much happier with this layout. Showcases my skills a lot more. And, getting rid of the black was a good idea.

Just in case anyone is interested, here’s a bunch of things that helped me get the site done:

(PS. If you spot anything slightly wonky with it, let me know! Please? If you say it looks weird in IE6 I may just have to… rudely ignore you.)