RIP Google Reader

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RIP Google Reader

It’s the 1st of July and the official death date of Google Reader. It’s a sad, sad day. Google Reader’s been a massive part of my day-to-day Internet life. So many blogs, websites and posts all happily bookmarked and organised in it. Sure, it sometimes wasn’t the prettiest of applications. But it got the job done.

I’ve not used Google Reader for a few months. Feedly’s been my feed reader of choice for the past few months and I’ve been using it on and off since its initial release. There are a fair few other choices out there, I won’t list them here, you’ve probably read them all already and made your decision by now.

Just wanted to say farewell to a massive part of my Internet-ing life. Though, Feedly’s done an amazing job of replacing you. In fact, it’s what I wish Google did with its reader!


  1. I’ve used the Reeder application for the last two years and they converted over to Feedly within a short time following Google’s announcement. I never really liked Google Reader’s interface and used NetNewsWire to start, then went over to Reeder. Let’s hope RSS development will continue instead of languishing under Google. Just my 2 cents, Jaina. Thanks.

    • I hope so too. That’s my main worry, with Google Reader going, what will happen to RSS feeds?

  2. Well, I dunno, Reader’s still been working fine for me all day so far, so I guess it’s not over just yet! But yeah, I just really loved the simplicity of it, so while Feedly’s probably the best alternative at this point, there’s still something about it that doesn’t quite click with me. But I dunno, I suppose I’ll get used to it (unless Reader continues to just stay up anyways, in which case, woo!).

  3. I barely ever go on Google Reader, but I did move all my stuff to Feedly recently.

    I mostly use the blogger dashboard reading list to do my blogging rounds, so I hope that survives / :

  4. I migrated to Feedly over the weekend. It’s nice, but it’s no GR. I really miss the arrow buttons that quickly cycle through each new post. It seems like such a rudimentary feature though, so maybe it’s in there and I’m just overlooking it…?

  5. Sad to see it go, but like you already replaced it with Feedly a couple of months ago on my tablet. On my desktop at work I use Netvibes and because I started using these almost right after it was announced I already said my goodbyes some months ago.

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