Seduced and Abandoned

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Seduced and Abandoned

The movie business is the worst girlfriend in the world. You are seduced and abandoned over and over again. Alec Baldwin, Seduced and Abandoned

Seduced and Abandoned left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. It’s a documentary on the hardships involved in getting a film made, these days using the Cannes film festival as their backdrop. The hardships faced by the creators of the documentary – celebrated and famous actor, Alec Baldwin and the well-known screenwriter, James Toback. Hardships.

I’m a fairly cynical person. That cynical side of me likes to think it’s not cynicism, but down-to-Earth-ism. So trying to watch a documentary film about how hard it is for, in my mind, fairly rich guys to make a, in my mind, fairly cheap film, boggled my mind slightly. (As did all those commas, sorry about that. I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to English grammar.)

It was eye-opening watching Baldwin and Toback walk around what was essentially a film fair where people are desperately trying to showcase their film to producers to get it made. That moment definitely took a lot of the magic out of the film world for me. It’s all so … normal. It’s a business trying to make money however it can in the current economy.

Look, I get it. It’s meant to be a slightly comedic look at the nature of financing a film. How things have changed from then to now. What film makers, producers, actors, have to do to get to do the projects they want to do. How much hard work has to go into the whole process. But when everything goes right and you’ve got that perfect film, you’re always trying to get back to that.

Isn’t that almost everything in life though? Sorry to go horribly new-agey and weird. But, really, isn’t it? You will always remember that one amazing job you had and will keep trying to find a job exactly like that. That one fantastic holiday that you’ll want to recreate over and over again, but never quite be able to do.

Was that the point of the film? Was I meant to reach this conclusion? Or did I just go a little too deep? Someone tell me what I’m thinking!

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