Oh hello, House of Cards


House of Cards

Forgive me. I’m incredibly late. Late to House of Cards. Probably, Netflix’s most successful TV show it has produced. No, definitely. And for good reason.

House of Cards was released onto Netflix last year. Every single episode of the first season was released all at once on Netflix and viewers just gorged themselves on it. I had every intention of being one of those people, but for whatever reason, never got around to it.

I changed that this year with the release of the second season. (Though, I was still late to the game, as it was released on February 14th and I only got around to starting to watch in March.)

My word is it a brilliant TV show! Understatement. But I don’t have big enough words to say how much I’ve enjoyed watching House of Cards the last few weeks. It’s one of those deeply serious, often times dark shows, that I can’t help but marathon. Some nights I’d be watching three episodes after coming in from work, cooking myself dinner, and then just succumbing to the show. Had I not have to work (and sleep) I would have watched more. It doesn’t help that post-work I’m pooped and if I’m on the sofa long enough, I will just nod off.

I completely agree with the masses – Kevin Spacey is simply amazing. And Robin Wright is freaking fantastic. As are all the other actors in the show. The character relationships are flawless. In the sense that they’re multi-layered and totally engaging. And the characters themselves are enthralling. Of course, Frank and Claire most of all. Just what are they going to do next?

Both Frank and Claire Underwood can be seen as utterly despicable people. Truly, some of the things both characters have done is appalling. And yet, I find myself drawn to them. Just to see what fucked up thing they’ll do next. And to who. And why. Can’t remember the last time I’ve encountered a pair of more calculating characters on TV.

There are a heck of a lot of worse things on TV at the moment, and very very few better things. In fact, at this moment, I can’t think of a TV show that’s currently on the air that is better.

Now comes the wait. The wait for the third season. Why do I have to wait so long!