Locke-d in for this car ride

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“It’s not even a film”, he proclaims. “Nothing happens!”, he exclaims. Those are the words I heard when I fell out of my slumber after originally falling into it midway through Locke. Feeling guilty that I made him sit through the film while I nodded off half way through (Out of sheer tiredness and being far too comfy on the sofa.) I promised that I will sit myself through the film when I’m more awake.

And I’ve kept my promise. Though in all fairness, even though I did drop off part way through watching Locke, I had a feeling when I did get around to watching it in its entirety, I would actually enjoy it and like it very much.

Locke isn’t your average film. It all takes place in the confines of a car. The 85 minute running time is you, what sometimes feels like, eavesdropping on the telephone conversations Ivan Locke has with everyone from his wife, sons, boss and co-workers.


Some great cinematography for a film that’s about a man in his car on the phone.

An incredibly minimalistic film. The entire film rested on Tom Hardy’s performance. And he does a stellar job showing a man who makes just one mistake that has a domino effect on his family life and career. It’s a fascinating watch. Locke’s belief in doing the right thing is so strong. It’s that determination that makes you want to get behind Ivan Locke and what he’s trying to do in that car journey.

It’s an interesting film and totally not what the blurbs on the poster describe it as. Not for everyone, granted. But if you’re willing to see a different type of film, there’s something to like in Locke.

Makes you wonder, while sitting in traffic, about the lives of those around you. Everyone has their own shit they have to deal with. However they can deal with it.


  1. Nice review, Jaina. It certainly was a different, if interesting movie. Yet even so, it remained intriguing and even at times thrilling in its own way. Definitely one you don’t want to watch with any sort of distractions around. 😛

    • Haha, yeah. No distractions 😉

      I enjoyed it, you’re dropped into the middle of this guy’s life at one of the most, what seems like, stressful points of his life where everything gets turned upside down.

      Not a film for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Not seen this, but it sounds like the same premise used in Buried, where you spend the entire film in a coffin with Ryan Reynolds. Sounds worse than it is; it’s actually quite brilliant. Sounds like I should maybe give Locke a try.

    • Definitely like Buried. But the stakes for the protagonist are a little… Different. Definitely give Locke a shot.

  3. Ooo, this film seems right up my alley! Is it on DVD yet, or am I pressing too soon? I’m totally fascinated by films that put one character in a single place for the entire film. It’s why I enjoyed Buried, although many people don’t care for that movie. I do like Tom Hardy a lot, so I’m definitely interested!

    • Definitely give it a shot, Kristin. I have a feeling you’ll like it. Tom Hardy – what’s not to like 😉

  4. It’s a good film and great concept, none would work if Hardy isn’t excellent. Unfortunately for me it was ruined by the ending. It felt like we the audience got left on the street 😀 Nice review

    • I think that’s what I liked about the ending. The film was just a snapshot of one moment of Locke’s life. And we were just allowed to see it.

  5. Glad you gave it a 2nd chance and enjoyed it. Very watchable despite the boring sounding premise. In fact Locke will likely figure in my top 10 of 2014. You’re right, the film does make you wonder about all the problems other people are stuck with.

  6. Have seen this a while ago and like you I really liked it. Hardy’s performance is strong enough to carry the film and I felt his character was completely believable in dealing with the situation, taking his responsibility.

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