Buying tech gifts for techy people


A month before my brother’s birthday I was trying to figure out what to get him. He loves his gadget-y things, like me. (I think that’s actually where I get it from.) He bought his first piece of real estate this year and I thought about getting something for his new place. But then, on your birthday, you sometimes want something just for yourself, right?

Out of all my ideas I thought, Kindle. It’s something he’s dropped a few hints about since I got mine. And it’s a chance to get one more person on the Kindle bandwagon I’m riding on right now.

I ordered his Kindle on September 21st and what gets announced on September 28th? Amazon’s brand new Kindle. The first thought that came to mind was – CHARMING.

New Amazon Kindle

However, having read a little bit more about the new Kindle, I’m feeling a little bit more at ease with my choice of gift purchase.

  1. There’s no keyboard. Whilst I don’t use my keyboard much on my Kindle, I am wondering how the onscreen keyboard combined with having to tap your way, using the arrow pad, to your preferred letter will work.
  2. It’s got a shorter battery life. I think since I bought my Kindle in July, I’ve had to charge it twice. Maybe three times.
  3. Smaller storage space. I am nowhere near to filling up my 4GB of space. But I always feel comforted to know that I have all of that to fill.

Fair enough the technology under the hood is probably better. I’m assuming they’ve been working on tweaking the e-Ink technology, so it’s even better than it is. Also it’s cheaper.

The UK’s not getting the Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire… yet. I’m guessing Amazon are going to test the waters with that in the USA first. So it’s only a matter of time.

What does this teach me? I can’t keep up with new tech, no matter how hard I try. There’s always a good reason to not have brand new tech. A Kindle is awesome, no matter which one you have.

I just hope my brother sees it my way!

Guess what mum? I’m reading books!


Just recently finished reading A Clash of Kings and straight onto A Storm of Swords. This is my third book in 2 months. That’s way above my annual average!

I haven’t read this much in a long, long time. I could put it down to my Kindle. But then that’d be unfair on the books. Which are impossible to put down. Combination of both?

Reading this much of George R.R. Martin’s books in a short amount of time has also made me ridiculously excited about the thought of a second season of Game of Thrones. The first season was so faithful to the books I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle the second book!

The best thing about starting to read this series of books after watching the first season of Game of Thrones? I can put names to faces! There are just so many characters that watching the TV show I was a little blasé about who was who. Now I know.

Now I’m off to grab some lunch and find a comfy spot in the sun to read on. I can’t remember the last time I got this stuck into a series of books.

My new favourite gadget


Not long ago, I asked for some advice regarding getting an Amazon Kindle.

Not long after I posted that, I took the plunge and bought one. Now? Now it’s one of my best purchases of the year and it’s got me reading again.

Reading was reserved as a holiday thing for me. I drive to work, so reading during my commute isn’t all that advisable. The only real time I had to read was on holiday. Well, so I thought.

In reality that was a lie. An excuse. I’ve got plenty of little bits of time to sit and read. Having a Kindle has probably made it easier for me to just read a little bit here and there, whenever. Sure, you can do that with books. But can you really hold a fat book with one hand and turn the pages while the other hand holds on for dear life on the tube? Well, maybe that’s a skill I haven’t mastered yet. Now I won’t need to!

I opted for the Wi-Fi version of the Kindle and do not miss not having 3G. I’ve loaded enough books onto it when on wi-fi and haven’t ever been out and about, outside of wi-fi, when I’ve thought, “Oh, I could really do with that book!”

It’s incredibly easy to read and use. It took a little while for me to get used to the lack of touchscreen. For me, anything handheld with a screen that big should be touchscreen!

Reading in bright sunlight is as easy as pie. When I took my Kindle with me on holiday, I was sitting out in bright midday Portuguese sun and the words were as clear as day. I think it’s actually better than books, as usually I’m sitting with some sunglasses on because the paper of the books is a little too bright in bright sunlight.

I don’t think I even miss regular books now. Not that I was a massive book person before. I just see my Kindle and I think ‘book’, now. Kindle has officially won me over.

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?


Amazon Kindle

I’m going on holiday soon. Well, in my mind it’s soon but in reality it’s still just under a month away.

As usual when I’m heading off on holiday I’ve got about 2 books in my hand luggage, I end up buying another at the airport and invariably I’ve got 3 in my suitcase. Sure I don’t get through all of them, but I still bring them along just in case.

In comes the Amazon Kindle. It hadn’t really crossed my mind to buy one of these. The idea of reading off of a screen didn’t appeal and I liked the feel of books.

Having spied a couple in action on the tube on the way to and from work I’m really impressed and seeing the benefits of having one!

And yet, I’m still not sure. Any Kindle owners out there? Is it worth it? Are they any good? Bearing in mind I’ll likely be reading in very bright sunlight as well as indoors. Are they really as good as people are saying?

Or should I be looking at other eReaders, like the Nook?