To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

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Amazon Kindle

I’m going on holiday soon. Well, in my mind it’s soon but in reality it’s still just under a month away.

As usual when I’m heading off on holiday I’ve got about 2 books in my hand luggage, I end up buying another at the airport and invariably I’ve got 3 in my suitcase. Sure I don’t get through all of them, but I still bring them along just in case.

In comes the Amazon Kindle. It hadn’t really crossed my mind to buy one of these. The idea of reading off of a screen didn’t appeal and I liked the feel of books.

Having spied a couple in action on the tube on the way to and from work I’m really impressed and seeing the benefits of having one!

And yet, I’m still not sure. Any Kindle owners out there? Is it worth it? Are they any good? Bearing in mind I’ll likely be reading in very bright sunlight as well as indoors. Are they really as good as people are saying?

Or should I be looking at other eReaders, like the Nook?


  1. I’ve got one at the top of my wish-list for “when I get a permanent job and have disposable income” or “when I win the lottery” purchases. I had the same worries but I used a friends one and liked it. I still don’t think I’ll get rid of books but for someone whose book collection has been stored in boxes for the best part of the last 4 years it sure would be nice to be able to access them all on a little handheld and have them easily accessible when ‘stored’ on the computer.

    • I really like the idea of having my books accessible in a touch of a button. I’ve got books on my shelves that I completely forgot I had and haven’t read! At least if I had them on my Kindle, I’d have no excuse not to read them.

  2. Oh yes, To KINDLE! I have the WIFI version and I love love love it.

    It really is a slim thing, yet quite sturdy. I have read SO many books on it since the purchase and not once have I not enjoyed a book because it’s not a paperback etc. The eInk technology makes it look like a paperback and the one-click purchase facility is a bit dangerous given the number of books I’ve bought since I got my Kindle.

    Cons: A lot of the popular books/new releases cost more due to the fact that eBooks include VAT unlike paperbacks. So that’s something you will definitely notice. Though you will find that there are great new authors selling their books for cheap on Amazon.

    All in all, I urge everyone to buy it. I have not bought a paperback/hardcover since I got my Kindle and I can’t say I’ve missed. The space I’ve saved is amazing!

    • Did not know about the VAT thing, thanks for letting me know! That’s a bit annoying. I had no idea paperbacks didn’t include VAT. Though I’m betting they’re still probably cheaper than my last minute runs to WH Smith at the airport for books.

      I have zero bookshelf space left in my house. Another reason to get me a Kindle!

  3. Hi Jaina

    I’ve had my Kindle since Christmas. Debated whether to get one for a long time, as I too like the feel of books. But the idea of not having to pack books with me when I go away, and being able to have many books available in something smaller than a paperback finally persuaded me. I could always sell it on eBay if I didn’t get on with it, I thought. Now, I don’t ever want to not own one. It is great. The paper ink technology means that the battery lasts for ages. Navigation is intuitive and easy. The best thing is, when I go out or go away, I don’t need to think which book(s) to bring. I just pop my Kindle in my bag. Highly recommended. Get one.

    Enjoy your holiday!


    • When I read up about the battery life I was amazed! I’m so used to having to charge things like my phone, every night. So this is definitely a big plus point for me.

      Thanks for the comment! Has definitely helped me make a decision.

      • Another great thing about having my books on Kindle…

        How many times have you thought… “Oh I read that somewhere” but you can’t remember which book, let alone which page. With Kindle, you just search for it and voila!

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