Feeling a little zesty

Lemon Lime Muffins

There’s been a big deal in the news over here about the amount of food that goes to waste. I’m guilty of it. Though, I like to think I’m pretty good at not wasting everything. I’ve been known to drink milk that’s past it’s best before date. If it smells fine and tastes fine, it’s all good to me. I’ve even eaten mayonnaise that was a YEAR past it’s use by date. A YEAR. And I’m still standing. And no, it didn’t look off or mouldy or taste funny.

There were a couple of lemons and limes sitting in my fruit bowl being all neglected and well on the way to drying out completely. Me – in the mood for baking something but without any specific ingredients barring sugar, eggs and flour.

How about some lemon lime muffins? It’d be boring to do just plain lemon muffins. Plus, I’ve done those before. I wanted to see if adding lime to the mix would change things up a bit. Continue reading →


The Great British Bake Off has been back and it’s worked its way into my head. Telling me I need to bake. I just wish I could bake all the amazing goodies I see on the show.

Maybe one day. I’ll build myself up to it. But today, for today, I’ll settle on some pretty good banana bread muffins with a inner peanut butter goodness, and a little bit of icing on top.

Banana bread muffins

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A maybe weekly round-up (3)

It’s the evening of August’s summer bank holiday. I’ve had my three-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow to a four-day working week. Summer is nearly over. Usually that’d make me a little bit sad. Summer’s my favourite season. I’m enjoying all the long, hot days. Warm evenings and nights. It’s brilliant. But. The end of August means the beginning of September which means it is mere days until I head to Bahrain. WOO!

So what’s happened in the past week? Continue reading →

Project 365 2013/14 Days 51, 52 and 53

Day 51

Day 51

I’m spending my time catching up on Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee. The BF told me to give it a watch. It is brilliant. Cars, comedians and just general conversation. Love it. Also, I wish this to be the future of TV. FREE, quality stuff.

Day 52

Day 52

It’s another thing the BF suggested I do. Here’s the thing. I don’t mind bananas. I will quite happily eat a banana. The piece of fruit. Don’t you dare mix it in a fruit salad or anything. Just leave the banana alone. I’m not a fan of banana flavoured things either. HATE bananas in smoothies or milkshakes. When I was little I hated that banana flavoured medicine we used to have to take when we got ill. Just gross. So, the BF told me to make banana bread. I was complaining that I had some very black looking bananas. And rather than waste them, I’m better off making something with them. So… banana bread is what I baked. But then, I had to go off on a tangent. With some extra batter I made a few banana bread muffins with some peanut butter in the middle. Hate to admit this publicly like this, but I think the BF might be right. Banana bread is most excellent. Banana bread muffins with peanut butter are even more excellent.

Day 53

Day 53

It’s a chilled out day just hanging at home. Catching up on some blog writing and some such.

Project 365 2013/14: Day Seven

Project 365 2013/14: Day Seven

Spur of the moment baking done today. Very spur of the moment. Mostly because I looked at my fruit bowl and all I saw were lemons. You know what they say, when someone gives you lemons, make a lemon drizzle cake.

Sad that it sank drastically in the middle. My fault for opening the oven one too many times. Literally, one too many. Oh well, tastes pretty good!