Project 365 2013/14 Days 51, 52 and 53

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Project 365

Day 51

Day 51

I’m spending my time catching up on Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee. The BF told me to give it a watch. It is brilliant. Cars, comedians and just general conversation. Love it. Also, I wish this to be the future of TV. FREE, quality stuff.

Day 52

Day 52

It’s another thing the BF suggested I do. Here’s the thing. I don’t mind bananas. I will quite happily eat a banana. The piece of fruit. Don’t you dare mix it in a fruit salad or anything. Just leave the banana alone. I’m not a fan of banana flavoured things either. HATE bananas in smoothies or milkshakes. When I was little I hated that banana flavoured medicine we used to have to take when we got ill. Just gross. So, the BF told me to make banana bread. I was complaining that I had some very black looking bananas. And rather than waste them, I’m better off making something with them. So… banana bread is what I baked. But then, I had to go off on a tangent. With some extra batter I made a few banana bread muffins with some peanut butter in the middle. Hate to admit this publicly like this, but I think the BF might be right. Banana bread is most excellent. Banana bread muffins with peanut butter are even more excellent.

Day 53

Day 53

It’s a chilled out day just hanging at home. Catching up on some blog writing and some such.


    • Well, I’ll let you decide what you want the ‘B’ to stand for. You can choose whatever you want!

  1. The misses always yells at me when I toss out those rotten bananas. Instead we toss them in the freezer where they can then fall out and land on my toes when I am looking for a pint of Ben and Jerrys.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Seinfeld and I’m always on the lookout for anything Jerry does. I certainly enjoyed the first season of Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee (especially the Michael Richards episode), and I really need to find some time to go through season 2. Quality stuff.

    I feel the same about bananas. I don’t like mixing them with anything, though I’ve had the occasional shake that almost changes my mind. My problem is that I don’t love bananas in general, though I eat them regularly. The flavor is just too powerful and ends up overtaking anything it touches.

    Really nice pics!

    • The Michael Richards episode was great. I was given the heads up to watch what had happened when he flipped out at a live gig. Had no idea beforehand.

      Season 2 has some great episodes. Sarah Silverman’s one had me!

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