Project 365 – 2015: July Recap

Project 365

Blogging wise, July has been a lazy month. Unintentionally lazy. There are a whirl of ideas for posts in my head. But I can’t seem to get them down here. Call it some sort of mental block. Or just call it what it is – laziness!

At the beginning of July I was in a whole other country on a whole other continent. The beginning of the month saw the tail end of my trip to see my folks in Portugal.

My totally unofficial guide to Portugal (Part 1): Algarve Beaches


I’m still on the ‘how-to-blog’ learning curve. I’m reading that on a personal blog I should blog about things close to my heart, while not being too overly personal. However, still be somewhat informative. I thought those things weren’t all that mix-y, but I did think of something that covered all the bases. I hope!

I was going to post one entry on this topic, but I’ve got more to say about it than I thought, so have decided to split it into separate entries and build it up in parts. Well, that way if I ever want to add to it, I can! Enough blathering, let’s go on with it.