Project 365 – 2015: July Recap

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Project 365

Blogging wise, July has been a lazy month. Unintentionally lazy. There are a whirl of ideas for posts in my head. But I can’t seem to get them down here. Call it some sort of mental block. Or just call it what it is – laziness!

At the beginning of July I was in a whole other country on a whole other continent. The beginning of the month saw the tail end of my trip to see my folks in Portugal.

The rest of the month has been just getting back into the regular routine of work and weekends.

I celebrated my 31st birthday in July. It should be noted, I’m not a fan of birthdays. I think I’ve said this before. It’s not so much the getting older aspect, just – I hate that day. Anyone else with me on that?

July’s Highlights

Project 365: July 2015

The beautiful Algarve coastline. Regretting not actually making some time to set foot on the beach.

Project 365: July 2015

Cody – my goober.

Project 365: July 2015

In the space of 24 hours, I was at the airport three times. Not as much fun as you’d think.

Project 365: July 2015

Attempt to grow something has started. I’ve not got much confidence, but I gotta try.

Project 365: July 2015

So this is the canon that is fired every single day during Ramadan to mark the end of the day’s fasting. It is NOT the kind of cannon I expected it to be. As in, one of those ye olde type cannons. This is straight up military!

Project 365: July 2015

A’s first attempt at no knead bread. Look at how pretty it is!

Project 365: July 2015

As I said on Instagram “Just Door.”

Project 365: July 2015

You do not see many dog walkers out here. Especially when it’s hotter than hell and more humid than .. well, it’s very very humid.

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How are your 365 Projects going? If you’re in the middle of your 365 Project for the year and feeling like it’s getting to be a bit of a chore, I wrote some tips and reassurances on doing a 365. Don’t fret! If you’re doing 365 Project, I’d love to see your shots!


    • Cheers Keith! Much appreciated. I could eat that bread every day. But, in the wise words of Ramona Flowers – bread makes you fat! πŸ™

  1. Awww look at Cody looking so adorable!!!! Wow, I have never made my own bread but would like to try someday.. Lovely photos as usual Jaina

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