RIP My Boyfriend Jeans


It’s a sad, sad day. So very sad. I am in mourning.

Mourning the loss of one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I’ve had them for, probably, one year too many. But they fit me perfectly! Completely and utterly frayed at the bottom. They were made to fade, but definitely well past the point they were made to fade to. But I still wore them.

Now, they definitely have to go. They have worn out in one of the most unfortunate areas. Sigh. Why oh why! I could have worked around it if they hadn’t ripped right there! Damnit!

(You know what I’ve done though? Yep. I’ve folded the jeans away and put them in the bottom draw of my wardrobe. They haven’t been relegated to the wheelie bin in the driveway just yet. I have no idea why not – it’s clear I won’t be able to wear them again.)

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans


I like to think I’m fairly normal shaped. Fair enough I’m short. I’m only 5ft 2 inches. So, that’s below average, I know that. I’m happy with that. Honest. Well, happy until it’s time to go shopping for clothes. More specifically, jeans.

My favourite pair

Went shopping this week to try to completely update my wardrobe. (I tend not to shop throughout the year, just massive blow out shopping trips a couple of times a year.) I desperately needed to replace quite a few pairs of jeans. The jeans that are so lived in they are falling apart.

Went into shop after shop after shop. Did I find any pair of jeans that fit? Hardly. All too long or couldn’t get them past my knees. Which is always a nice feeling!

I hate going to a petite section in a clothes shop. Yes, I can get jeans that fit. But they fit too perfectly! The length is just a little too short for my liking. I like jeans a little longer. Picky? Probably. But everyone’s got their own taste!

So now I’m still in my jeans I’ve lived in for far too long. I spent a ludicrous amount of money on a pair of trousers, only because they actually fit. Though, they weren’t a pair of jeans.

My only option seems to be is to get custom-made jeans or make my legs longer.

I understand this is a strange little rant. Surely I can’t be alone on this though?