RIP My Boyfriend Jeans

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It’s a sad, sad day. So very sad. I am in mourning.

Mourning the loss of one of my favourite pairs of jeans. I’ve had them for, probably, one year too many. But they fit me perfectly! Completely and utterly frayed at the bottom. They were made to fade, but definitely well past the point they were made to fade to. But I still wore them.

Now, they definitely have to go. They have worn out in one of the most unfortunate areas. Sigh. Why oh why! I could have worked around it if they hadn’t ripped right there! Damnit!

(You know what I’ve done though? Yep. I’ve folded the jeans away and put them in the bottom draw of my wardrobe. They haven’t been relegated to the wheelie bin in the driveway just yet. I have no idea why not – it’s clear I won’t be able to wear them again.)


  1. Are they called your ‘boyfriend jeans’ because they wore out in ‘one of the most unfortunate areas’? That seems awfully rude!

    • Ha! If only fashion retailers were that clever.

      The “boyfriend jean” refers to the cut of the jean. And they were just perfect for me!

  2. Every time I’ve read the title of this post today, whether it’s on twitter or LJ or what have you, I’ve thought it said “RIP My boyfriend Jesus”. Which brings up multiple different issues. a) Your boyfriend JESUS b) RIP?? c) WHAT?

    Then after my brain has processed all of those thoughts, it realises what it actually says.

    • Yes, my boyfriend was Jesus. Despite all the claims of the church down my road… he does not live.


  3. Hi, Jaina and company:


    I thought only guys held onto clothing to ridiculously nostalgic extremes.

    Learn something new every day.

  4. OH no….girl, I totally know what you are going through. My beloved jeans are almost there. It took me over a year to break them in. I don’t want to think about the day when I retire those bad boy. OMG, it’s any day now.

    RIP boyfriend jeans.

    • That’s just it! As soon as they’re broken in… they’re just broken. *sigh* Hunt for a new pair begins now.

  5. I have found that depending on how creative you are, you can usually find a way incorporate even the worst ripped clothes into a Halloween costume.

    And not to worry, I have a whole dresser drawer full of clothes that I know I can never wear again, but for some reason throwing them away just seems one step more than I’m able to do.

    • Glad I’m not alone on that. I just have this little voice in the back of my head saying “just in case!” and it stops me from chucking them!

  6. Can’t you patch it somehow, or it’s just not gonna work at this point?? Sorry to hear that, girl. Y’know what’s worse, when you LOVE something and it doesn’t FIT anymore! I swear my metabolism doesn’t just slow down, it practically stops!

    • I think i’d have to patch the entire bottom of the jeans!

      You know what? I have a pair of trousers, that if I can’t fit into, I get ridiculously scared and try and get my tummy down! I don’t weigh myself.. i let a pair of jeans tell me when I need to get some exercise!

  7. Jaina, get those out of the closet, and bring those jeans over to your local professional dry cleaner/tailor, they probably have someone on staff with a sewing machine that would patch those up with some old denim. I have had great success with this method having fixed a few pairs of Lucky and 7’s, that the ass or kneee had completly ripped out of.

    • That’s not a bad idea actually. Though, wondering how worth it is considering the material all around is getting pretty damn thin and worn. I know I’ll be that person who bends over and tears an almighty hole in the arse of the jeans.

      • I was actually really surprised by the results. I think some of my jeans are more denim from other jeans than original material at this point.
        I guess it depends on how much you like your jeans and the cost benefit analysis of repair vs just getting some new jeans. That sounds like a whole new blog topic right there šŸ˜‰

  8. Goodbye jean! I also feel bad when my favorite clothes are wearing out past the point where they should still be worn. It’s almost like losing a part of you lol

    • Exactly! Trying to convince myself they’re just a pair of jeans just doesn’t work.

  9. haha, cute post. I’m beginning to think a bit more of myself needs to spill out onto my blog.

  10. I found on several pairs of 501s that after a lot of wear a hole always appeared where all the seams of the leg met. Yes that’s right, right on the crotch! I could never decide whether it was a design fault or just Levi having a laugh!

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