Seeing life In Your Eyes


In Your Eyes

You ever catch yourself wondering what life would be like if you were seeing it through someone else’s eyes? What if you were that person across the street? Yeah, I’ve daydreamed about that once or twice. Think of it as just a random curiosity. After all, our lives are shaped by our perspective on our day-to-day life.

Dylan and Rebecca in In Your Eyes experience just that. Seeing each others lives through each others eyes. Every sense and feeling, but not quite every thought. It’s an interesting concept; to literally be in someone else’s life.

The new crop of 2013’s TV


Previously I mentioned in passing my reluctance to get into any new TV series. Strangely, right now, the thought of perhaps something I get sucked into lasting years is enough to put me off watching anything new. Or maybe I’m still mourning Breaking Bad and fear that nothing will ever reach those heights.

Maybe that’s a fear worth having. Because honestly, the new TV pilots I did catch – what utter crap. That’s just my point of view, but it’s a point of view I’m standing by. American network TV has taken a serious nose dive. Right? Let’s take a look see at the ones I took a look at:

A maybe weekly round-up (4)

Rain... rain...

The rains… they’re here.

The weather has finally turned here in England. Blissfully enjoying a warm autumn, with days reaching 20 degrees C. And then a week later we’re we’re on the cusp of winter with the temperature dropping 10 degrees and rain. So much rain. Yes, I feel it more these days as I don’t have the luxury of driving to work. *sigh*

Despite the weather, what else is new?