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Rain... rain...

The rains… they’re here.

The weather has finally turned here in England. Blissfully enjoying a warm autumn, with days reaching 20 degrees C. And then a week later we’re we’re on the cusp of winter with the temperature dropping 10 degrees and rain. So much rain. Yes, I feel it more these days as I don’t have the luxury of driving to work. *sigh*

Despite the weather, what else is new?

  • Film watching has slowed down to a ridiculous rate. Sadly. No excuses! But last week I did finally watch Joss Whedon’s take on Much Ado About Nothing. And yesterday finally sat down to watch Mud.
  • In a nutshell, Much Ado, was very good. Really enjoyed it. My only real problem was the music. It felt jarring and just didn’t feel like it went with the look and feel of the film. There were too many ‘tinkly’ piano moments on the cue of comedy and slapstick. And of course it all sounded very much like the Buffy musical episode, Once More, With Feeling. I guess that couldn’t be helped. I give it a generous 4/5.
  • Mud is a fantastic film. Really fantastic. Engaging. Interesting. Unpredictable. Matthew McConaughey definitely was brilliant as Mud, but it was Tye Sheridan who shone through. A very talented young actor! Mud had so many beautiful shots. I’ll have to pick them out and post them one of these days. Definitely a 5/5 film.
  • Hopefully going to go and catch Captain Phillips this week, as it’ll finally be released. Fan of Paul Greengrass and I can’t say no to Tom Hanks in a film. Looks excellent.
  • Stepped one step closer to closing my Sky TV account. my Sky Movies package has been cancelled. It’s just too damn expensive and I never use it. This also means I have over 50 films to watch in the next 3 weeks. If I can’t do that in 10 months, this is going to be an impossible task.
  • Devouring books like the bucket load. Well, compared to me a year ago. Finished the popular book, Gone Girl. Eh. It was alright. Read like a film. And surprise surprise, it’s getting turned into a film. Don’t know if I’ll be up for seeing it. The characters in it are just appalling!
  • Downloaded the latest Dexter novel, by Jeff Lindsay, to my Kindle. Despite it being a bit of fluff, it had a far more satisfying end than the Dexter series finale. Still, I think I’m done with that series. Enough Dexter for me. On all mediums.
  • Currently reading, and hope to be finishing, The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut. This is my fourth Vonnegut film. Of my life. And this year. I’ve not read so many books from one author that aren’t part of a series. Adore his writing style and the stories he tells. I’ve got Galapagos waiting to be read on my Kindle, but there’s a far more important book I need to read next…
  • That book is Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch. An old friend got me into this little fantasy series. Starting with The Lies of Locke Lamora, followed by Red Seas Under Red Skies. These books are brilliant, well written fantasy books. Lynch is being touted as the next George R.R. Martin. But you know what? I totally prefer his style! I can’t remember the last time I was this genuinely excited about reading a book.
  • Feel like I am totally out of the loop when it comes to the new TV pilots. I’ve tried to catch a few here and there and boy is it bad. I’ll probably do a proper post on it soon. Yes, definitely will. But in short, Masters of Sex – yay, everything else – poo.
  • Maybe it’s just that now Breaking Bad is over, nothing else will ever compare. It’s also the fact that I’ve realised I don’t want to get invested in any new TV series. Most of the time, after work, I just want to come home, cook, eat, watch a bit of TV and maybe a film. The thought of getting into a new TV show and devoting years to watching it is slightly meh at the moment.
  • American Horror Story is back though. That should tide me over until Hannibal returns. NEXT YEAR.
  • Any new TV that hasn’t started yet, that I should be keeping an eye out for?

I’ll leave you with this video. Now this IS an amazing gadget. A gadget that can actually improve someone’s life.

OH! And I’ve booked my next flight to Bahrain – December 20th! It’s mere weeks away!


  1. Glad you loved Mud, but I only scored it 4/5 stars. Whoa going to Bahrain, hopefully you’ll post the pictures when you’re there.

  2. I agree Mud was really good, I felt it was a bit overlong(maybe could have trimmed 15 minutes), but still one of the best films of the year.
    I’ve not read Kurt Vonnegut(only know the name), which do you think is the author’s best?

    • Yeah, Mud definitely could have been a little tighter. But it’s a brilliant film. Going to hunt out the soundtrack.

      Out of the few Vonnegut’s I’ve read, I’d say my top two are Slaughterhouse Five and Cat’s Cradle. Cat’s Cradle was the first I read by him and it felt a bit nuts. Just the way he incorporates sci-fi themes, religion and his writing style. BUT it’s something you get used to and, for me, really enjoy. Slaughterhouse Five could be a bit more accessible though. I’d go with that one as a starting point.

  3. So glad you liked Mud, it’s such a terrific movie. I cannot wait for new Hannibal too, God I hope the ratings are better in season 2, if they cancel this show I’m gonna be so furious.

    • Me too. But I don’t have much hope in Fox for giving the show a chance. It’s such an awful network to quality TV shows!

  4. It was rainy and cold that last 4 days here. Soooo glad it finally stopped :). That stabilizing spoon looks amazing. Hope it’s a successful product! Haha going to Behrain on unicycle.

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