Project 365 2015: The End

Project 365

2015’s Project 365 is finished. I am 100% relieved. Two years in a row. It’s been tough. Before I begin lamenting over how the project’s gone, here’s a few highlights from December:

Project 365: December

Wandering around Muharraq Souq on a quiet Sunday morning is probably one of my favourite places for photo ops.

Project 365: December

The beginning of turning the balcony into a mini greenhouse. Home grow all the things! All the things that will grow in little pots that is.

Project 365: October 2015 Recap

Project 365: October 2015 Recap

Project 365

Somehow I’ve managed to be in three different countries in the last month. I started October in London and ended it in Dubai. It didn’t even occur to me that this all happened in one month, as London already feels so long ago.

So with that in mind, I have to say, it’s been an eventful month. A long month. But in the good sense. In the sense that so much has happened in this one month that it feels like at least a couple of months have passed. I like these kinds of months.

Heading into the city? Know the rules!


It’s a known fact here that I don’t commute to work on the tube or train. I drive. I complain about it plenty on here and on my Twitter. But for a good long while, I was a tube and train commuter. For the years I went to uni and when I worked in various different places in London. When you’re commuting on the underground there are some unwritten rules that I wish more people would be made aware of.

So, here I’m sharing some of those rules and some tips for you if you’re travelling on the tube or trains in any city, written by Kieran.

Here is his Tactical Guide to Optimal Tube Usage.

It contains important information such as knowing your team and your enemies, positioning yourself on the platform and how to conduct yourself while on the tube.

This isn’t just a funny look at the daily commute on London’s public transport system, these are the rules to follow. Memorise them and practice them!

A week’s worth of photos

Project 365

I have been very slack on updating the photo of the day here and for that I am sorry. Seriously, I shouldn’t have a backlog as it’s just more for me to do!

Well, instead of having a post for each of the photos I’ve not updated here I’ll just link to all the photos of this week here:

Comin' Atcha! Happy Birthday Buffy Movie time Just skate! Taking in some culture Early start

I think my favourite is actually the phone photo I took with my Satio of The Old Vic’s ceiling. It’s the ceiling as it was meant to be a covert photo.

Photo of the day: This weekend

Project 365

I haven’t been able to get here and update for every day of the past few days, so here’s Friday’s, Saturday’s and today’s photos of the day:

Alternative pancake day
Didn’t get to have any pancakes on THE pancake day so today made some pancakes. Mmmm…

Oh my god, ohmygod, ohmygod you guys!
Today was a good day. Amazing food at Fire and Stone followed by a surprisingly good show – Legally Blonde Musical. Really fun show and better than I was expecting.

Phone Home
The phone is one of the equally favourite and least favourite pieces of technology. Today thought it’s one of my very favourites. Hearing my parents voices suddenly makes everything better.