Project 365: October 2015 Recap

Project 365: October 2015 Recap

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Project 365

Somehow I’ve managed to be in three different countries in the last month. I started October in London and ended it in Dubai. It didn’t even occur to me that this all happened in one month, as London already feels so long ago.

So with that in mind, I have to say, it’s been an eventful month. A long month. But in the good sense. In the sense that so much has happened in this one month that it feels like at least a couple of months have passed. I like these kinds of months.

The great thing about October in Bahrain is that the heat begins to ease. Where every day is in the low 30s Celsius rather than high. Evenings are dropping below 30C for the first time since, probably, May. Maybe even April. Evenings are freaking fantastic now. Can’t wait to get out and enjoy this weather. Well, I’ve already started doing this. Includes playing football for the first time with a group of guys who didn’t mind my quite pants level of football skill.

Project 365: October 2015

This view from our hotel room in Dubai will be tattooed on my memory for a long while to come.

Project 365: October 2015

Trying not to feel like a weirdo taking photos just out and about where I live. Doing it with a few bags of groceries probably doesn’t help.

Project 365: October 2015

PIZZA NIGHT! Or day. I think it may have been a whole day of pizza. Either way, PIZZA.

Project 365: October 2015

Fuelling my new passion.

Project 365: October 2015

These guys! 10 years of friendship. I was so glad I could catch up with them when I was in London this month.

Project 365: October 2015

Pottering around in the garden in London, looking for things to take photos of.

What’s the plan for November? Get out more. Enjoy the cooling weather. DO MORE. There’s a Christmas trip to London to plan for as well. I know these last couple of months of the year are going to run away from me.

How did your October go?


    • And I didn’t realise how busy it was until I started looking over my photos for October. One of the reasons I’m glad I’m doing the 365 project, no matter how hard it can be every day!

  1. I swear, your photography skills are to be praised! The blue in the photo of your view in Dubai is not messing around. It is gorgeous. Sounds like October definitely kept you entertained. Three countries in one month? That is a fab achievement. And I am happy to hear that Bahrain is turning down the heating a bit such that your evenings can be spent doing more fun stuff outside of your apartment 🙂

    Ooo will you squeeze in a trip to see Star Wars then whilst you’re in London?

    • You are too kind, Mo!

      Star Wars is one of my top priorities for London. Well, Star Wars and Spectre, as I’m likely to see it here for fear of censorship in cinemas here. Maybe a double bill will be in the offing 😉

      • Ooo fingers crossed you manage to squeeze them in your trip. I am still yet to see Spectre actually. Have not had the time to pop by the cinema in what feels like ages… 🙁

  2. moviesandsongs365

    Based on that picture of you sitting at the table, you find it easy having male friends. They look friendly

  3. You’re so lucky you got to travel so much this month. Love your pics…motivate to get better camera. Ug. Thank you for the reminder 😛

    • It doesn’t at all feel like this was all in one month. Feels like it was spread over a couple months, at least!

      Yes, take more photos 😀 That should get you on your way to really wanting that new camera 😉

  4. Good job keeping up with you 365! I’m not even keeping up with my Project 104. I’m not trying to beat myself up for it though. It should remain fun right? Though I have a “checklist” for Dec. That hopefully will keep me on track.

    • Defo needs to be fun. I’ve missed a massive handful of days this year, but like you, I’ve not beat myself up over it at all. Checklists work for sure. I tried a few of those instagram themes/prompts of the day things to help my 365 along, but it was too much pressure to find something for the prompts – my life’s just not that exciting!

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