Every city has a sound, every sound has a story


Sonic Highways

Being a pretty big Foo Fighters fan, when it was announced that along with the new album release of Sonic Highways, there would also be a sort of accompanying TV show of the same name put out on HBO, this little Foo fan was very excited.

Just because I am a Foo Fighters fan. I’m not much of a music person. Sure there are certain bands/artists (Foo Fighters, QoTSA, Streetlight Manifesto, Daft Punk, Fleetwood Mac, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lana del Rey) that I know I like. Certain types of music I will listen to at the drop of a hat, but I don’t have a type of music. I don’t know new music, or really search it out. Music history is a blank spot in my mind. Music in general has never been anything more than something I’ll occasionally need.

I want… a Sonos


I have a couple of things on my list. My list of things I would really rather like to own and want to buy some time soon. They’re not necessarily things I need, sure. It won’t stop me from buying them.

One I’ve just put on my list and will likely be buying soon-ish is a Sonos Play:3. I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of wireless speaker system for my house. I’m not a big music listener, but right now I mostly listen to music through my computer or laptop. I don’t have anything to listen to music in my bedroom and I do miss that.

I saw one of these Sonos players in John Lewis last week. I’ve heard of them, but for some reason I thought they were only iPod or iPhone compatible. Almost everything is these days. So when I saw it running with an HTC Desire I got a bit more interested.

Considering my whole music collection is on my phone and on my computer and I use Spotify pretty much every single day. It makes sense to get something like this, right? Reviews for them look great and I am really rather tempted.

Music that makes me happy – The Lady Killer


I will admit that music wise, I’m not always clued in. I’m not the kind of person who listens to bands that no one’s heard of yet. There are a couple of bands I really love, listen to constantly and will always get their albums. Those bands being Foo Fighters and probably Muse. I think those are the only two bands where I want to physically own their albums. Everyone else, I’m not too fussed with just listening to them on Spotify.

Spotify is what has given me a new music obsession. They put up Cee Lo Green’s new album – The Lady Killer – last week some time. Possibly earlier. I put it on my to listen list, only because of Gnarls Barkley. I liked their first album, not too keen on the second, apart from a couple of tracks. I was curious enough to hear Cee Lo’s own album – I like his singing style.

I’m now currently fairly obsessed with this album. First time I listened to it, it made me ridiculously happy. I’m not joking. I was at work, I needed something to get me through the afternoon and The Lady Killer was picked out of the mess of playlists in my Spotify account. When I finished listening to the album I was humming some of the songs and nothing that would happen at work phased me, after listening.

It’s now my go-to album to put a smile on my face. My favourite tracks are Bright Lights Bigger City, It’s OK and of course Fuck You. But I can quite happily just sit and listen the whole album over and over again.

This album’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Considering it usually takes angry and loud music to do that, this is quite a change for me! It’s a fun pop album and if you need a smile on your face, give it a go. It might just work.