I want… a Sonos

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I have a couple of things on my list. My list of things I would really rather like to own and want to buy some time soon. They’re not necessarily things I need, sure. It won’t stop me from buying them.

One I’ve just put on my list and will likely be buying soon-ish is a Sonos Play:3. I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of wireless speaker system for my house. I’m not a big music listener, but right now I mostly listen to music through my computer or laptop. I don’t have anything to listen to music in my bedroom and I do miss that.

I saw one of these Sonos players in John Lewis last week. I’ve heard of them, but for some reason I thought they were only iPod or iPhone compatible. Almost everything is these days. So when I saw it running with an HTC Desire I got a bit more interested.

Considering my whole music collection is on my phone and on my computer and I use Spotify pretty much every single day. It makes sense to get something like this, right? Reviews for them look great and I am really rather tempted.


  1. I read a quote recently about only buying something if you really need it rather than wanting it, but where’s the fun in that?!

    The reviews sure do look good for that Sonos, from what I see on Amazon. Looks like a cool gadget 🙂

    • See, my rationalisation right now is that I need it. I have no source of music or TV in my bedroom. That’s reason enough to need something, right?

      This is what happens when I got wandering through the gadget department of any department store.

      • Gadgets are good! And spendy… which is, perhaps, less good lol. If you need it, that’s absolutely reason enough to buy it 🙂

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