Salmaniya Water Garden, be sure to pack your elbow pads

Going Out

Salmaniya Water Garden

There’s a place I’ve been itching to go to in Bahrain for the longest time. Once you find out what this place is, you’re going to be questioning why I was itching to go to it. I don’t actually know. Maybe just weird curiosity. Maybe because exploring the random little places of Bahrain is what I class as fun.

Last year it was Chakazoolu, this year it’s Salmaniya Water Garden – a park/old amusement park with some incredibly dodgy rides and one of the weirdest vibe you’ll find in Bahrain.

Out in Bahrain: Chakazoolu

Going Out


There’s this wonderful place called Chakazoolu, in Bahrain. Found at the top-level in Dana Mall, it’s Bahrain’s one and only indoor theme park. Yes, theme park. In a mall. Complete with a 7D cinema (Someone tell me what all the D’s are.) roller coaster, bumper boats and some sort of river rapids.


Can you spot anything missing from this photo?

The OH bought a bunch of voucher style ticket things that you can redeem for credits to pay for the ‘coaster, rides and arcade games. We’ve been saying for weeks we’ll go. On a Sunday though. Preferably before schools break for the day. Last weekend we finally managed to get out there. On the Sunday. Before the schools broke for the day. We were the biggest kids there. We were the only kids there. Well, we were the only people there.

The trouble with weekends


Is that they’re just too damn short. Especially when they’re crammed full of everything. Though not enough films. In fact none! I had no time to watch a single film. For shame.

A rollercoaster ride

Thorpe Park

The golden gates of Thorpe Park. Or rather, blue arch way.

Saturday was A-MAZING. It’s been roughly 8 months since my last trip to Thorpe Park so clearly it was time for another. More so because there’s a brand new rollercoaster there I hadn’t been on – The Swarm!

(For you guys who aren’t familiar, Thorpe Park’s this little theme park down my end of the world. It’s small, but packed full of some of the best rollercoasters I’ve ever been on.)

A 12 hour at Thorpe Park Shift

Going Out

Saturday 15th October is the day that I spent just over 12 hours at Thorpe Park, along with five friends. Arriving just before 10am and then leave at just about 10:30pm. It required stamina, strength and the ability to fall into fits of hysteric giggles at the drop of a single degree in temperature.

Thorpe Park

You might think it’s overkill to do a full 12 hour day at Thorpe Park. It’s not. You’ve got all the lovely daylight hours to do all the rides you want to do. Then as the sun sets you can do them all again in the dark AND the horror mazes, which open at 4pm.

Levels of Thorpe Park excitement are at an all time high

Going Out

This isn’t ground breaking, I know that. But this year, words can’t describe how excited I am to be going to Thorpe Park. Tomorrow!

Thorpe Park

Usually I end up going to Thorpe Park a few times in one year. It’s nearby and you can usually get through all the rides by about 2pm. If you get there when the park opens. This year, me and my wise bunch of friends, thought we needed to reign in the Thorpe Park trips and wait for Halloween for one of their Fright Nights.