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Going Out


There’s this wonderful place called Chakazoolu, in Bahrain. Found at the top-level in Dana Mall, it’s Bahrain’s one and only indoor theme park. Yes, theme park. In a mall. Complete with a 7D cinema (Someone tell me what all the D’s are.) roller coaster, bumper boats and some sort of river rapids.


Can you spot anything missing from this photo?

The OH bought a bunch of voucher style ticket things that you can redeem for credits to pay for the ‘coaster, rides and arcade games. We’ve been saying for weeks we’ll go. On a Sunday though. Preferably before schools break for the day. Last weekend we finally managed to get out there. On the Sunday. Before the schools broke for the day. We were the biggest kids there. We were the only kids there. Well, we were the only people there.


It’s oh so quiet. Apart from the sound of all the machines playing themselves.

There was one reason why A was so desperate to got to Chakazoolu and the main reason why he bought the vouchers – Dance Dance Revolution. Now I’ve never played DDR. More so out of saving myself from some level of embarrassment. My ability to dance is fairly non-existent. Even with a few drinks in me. But he was super keen. And why not?


There’s even a little bowling alley and some sort of eating cafe place.

We wandered around Chakazoolu – checked out the games on offer. A pretty surprisingly huge array. Everything from Sega Rally to Soul Calibur via Time Crisis 4. But guess what there wasn’t? Yep. No Dance Dance Revolution. And the roller coaster was under maintenance.


It was a quiet day at the dolphin races.

It was strange walking around the place. What with it being empty. All the machines on. And us being the only souls in the place, aside from the odd worker. It just felt oddly eerie.


Sega Rally followed by Time Crisis 4. Neither of which could fill the hole that a lack of DDR had left.

We barely made a dent in the credit we’ve got for the place, thanks to those vouchers. So we definitely have to head back there at some point. Just as soon as the disappointment of no Dance Dance Revolution fades away.


  1. Love the new look Jaina! That must have been odd being the only person at the theme park. If you ever find out what those extra D’s are for, do let me know!

  2. Really strange to see the place so empty. I do love these type of places though as they are slowly disappearing everywhere. If I’m in one of these places I always go look for an original Sega Rally cabinet….love that game…

    As for Dance Dance Revolution, I played this a lot when it was popular (at home though) and was pretty good at it…usually used it as a workout.

    • I was so excited to see Sega Rally – my one was a bit broken though 🙁 The steering wheel was wonky and by the time I figured out which way straight was, my game was over!

  3. Jaina, these pictures are fantastic! I really want to go, especially since you said it was kinda spooky, all the machines on and no one there! Sounds totally bizarre and awesome. Oh, I responded to your last comment about the souqs on Oh My Tash! Sorry it took me so long. 🙂

    • If you do go, be prepared for the totally despondent workers. It’s strange that they work somewhere where there are (usually) loads of kids!

      Oh, and I believe Chakazoolu’s not open on Saturdays. Strangely.

  4. Looks like a scene from a horror movie hahaha. What’s a theme park without DDR and roller coaster right? Though I’m not a fan of both of that :p

    Love the new blog layout!

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