Project 365: 2015 - May Recap

Project 365: 2015 – May Recap

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Project 365

It’s nearly 10pm on a Monday evening and I’ve just finished editing a few photos from the weekend, when I remembered I’ve got a blog post sitting in my draft box. Yeah, should finish that and publish it. Then it dawns on me that we’re in June and I haven’t posted my Project: 365 recap for May. Mostly because I had forgotten we started June today.

May was a struggle. After the first couple of weeks of the month, I hit my 365 brick wall and was struggling to find any inspiration in the day-to-day. It’s tough when you don’t really do anything amazing every single day of your life. Though, I know for sure, I’d get completely exhausted by that in no time.

Not giving up! Going to keep on going. Smash through the brick wall and pull myself out of the rut and whatever other analogy works here.

Here are some highlights from May’s Project 365 photos

Project 365: May

A was preparing an Indian spice starter kit for a work mate of his. Helped him pick out the must-haves and put it in this little dabhu.

Project 365: May

So I’m trying to do more self-portraits. I’m not a big fan of them at all. It’s not that I hate my face, it’s just that self-portrait’s make me feel super self-conscious.

Project 365: May

This is definitely my crowning glory for the month. My second time lightning watching in Bahrain. And after just an hour of standing on the balcony, I get THIS! Want to know how I managed it? Here are a few things I learned about taking photos of lightning.

Project 365: May

Ahh, Chakazoolu. Not the happiest place on Earth, but fun for a little while. If a little deserted. I wrote a little bit about our fun time at Chakazoolu.

Project 365: May

This was the day when I felt I hit the wall bad. I sat on the sofa just staring out of the balcony struggling.

Project 365: May

Lamb barbacoa! Our adventures in cooking continue with an epic taco night with slow cooked lamb barbacoa, wrapped in banana leaves.

Project 365: May

May was ended with a kind of disappointing at the Gulf Hotel’s Mexican Festival, where the entertainment was the best part about the whole night. A whole night where we were looking forward to some good, Mexican food.

Check out the rest of the year and more photos from May here.

Hoping that I’ll be able to push through this rut as June continues. Anyone got any ideas on how I can shake it up a bit? Taking photo requests! Erm, well, within reason. How’s everyone else’s 365 projects going?


  1. I’m the same as you with taking self-portraits! Ahhh so anxiety-inducing! We’re our own worst enemies!

  2. The lightening and spice shot is my favourite! How about those markets and souks? I love seeing the daily Bahrain life. How about your squash selfies?

    • We don’t get out to the souks much, especially now that it’s summer, but will try to do more of that when we do go out!

      Ahhh.. SQUASH! I need to play more. Life is catching up with all of us, and we never get much of a chance on the weekends. Hope to change that soon. I miss squash 🙁

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