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Photograph of a person's silhoutte as they take a photo in front of a yellow door surrounded by red bricks.


My two front doors. It’s exciting to now go to my house and seeing some progress. Things have been at a standstill for a few weeks. But now, work has started again. And I’ve got my documentation project going again. The challenge I’m finding with […]

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Project 365: 2015 - May Recap

Project 365: 2015 – May Recap

It’s nearly 10pm on a Monday evening and I’ve just finished editing a few photos from the weekend, when I remembered I’ve got a blog post sitting in my draft box. Yeah, should finish that and publish it. Then it dawns on me that we’re […]

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Project 365 2013/14: Day Fifty

Project 365 2013/14: Day Fifty

Successfully made it to Day 50 of the 365. WOO! Sadly, not much of a celebratory photo. Just me relaxing at home after seeing my brother with a cup of coffee and The Wire on TV. Season 4 episode 10 if anyone’s interested. Apologies if […]

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Project 365 2013/14: Day Fourteen

Project 365 2013/14: Day Fourteen

So this is me… I’ve never done self portraits. The same reason as anyone else who doesn’t do self portraits. But I figured that might be a good reasons to do them. So here I am. A little bit chilly, thanks to the British summer. […]

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