Photo of a silhouette of someone holding a camera to their face on a brick wall.

I don’t really know what I’m doing here

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Storytelling. I think I suck at it. When it comes to storytelling and the photos and images I create. I struggle with how to tell a story with a series of images beyond the photos capturing something… something remarkable to me.

The ability to be a great storyteller with your photography is something that’s slowly dawned on me, reading other photographers newsletters and Instagram accounts. Newsletters like Wesley Verhoeve’s Process and Craig Mod’s Roden. And folks on Instagram like @loeildeos, @heshaam, and @tomsouzer.

All of these photographers have something in common that enables them to tell amazing stories—vulnerability. That vulnerability comes from the imagery, words, or both.

Complete honesty—I find it really hard to be be truly vulnerable in that respect. And (for me) that’s a lot to do with having some level of confidence in what I’m producing.

I want to get there. And I will. This was a first step in getting me there.

[Photo of me, taken in January 2021]

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