Bahrain National Museum

Out in Bahrain: The Bahrain National Museum

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Going Out

It’s been over a year since moving to Bahrain and I’ve already slipped into that not a tourist mode that I lived in while in London. Well, I think I slipped into that a long time ago. It’s great being able to feel at home somewhere completely new. But a little bit sad thinking I haven’t done nearly all the tourist-y things I should be doing, living here.

Like visiting the Bahrain National Museum

Okay, maybe I played that up a little bit much. Unlike London, there’s nothing like National History Museum, Victoria & Albert, Tate Modern or Science Museum. Which is a shame, because after visiting the Bahrain National Museum I realised there’s actually a massive amount of history about this little island that I had no idea about. And it’s an ancient history going back hundreds of years. Due to the massive amount of constant building work and reclaiming of land that has happened in the past few decades, some of this history has been unearthed very recently.

Bahrain National Museum

Wide open halls with exhibits dotted around.

The museum’s a lovely place to walk around when it’s scorchingly hot outside. Entry’s only BD 1 – bargain. There are separate rooms highlighting different parts of Bahrain’s history by way of ancient manuscripts, archeological finds like weapons and pottery, coins – all sorts.

There was one hall which was a little creepy – featured lots of typical Bahraini scenes of life from days gone past. Mannequins in various scenes. A taxidermy cat. Possibly chickens too. Though it did also feature the scene from the top photo in this post, which is a typical souk scene. One of my favourite places in the museum.

Bahrain National Museum

One of the most impressive statues outside the museum.

The outside of the museum’s brilliant too – surrounded by water with lots of different pieces of art dotted around. What with it being ridiculously hot when we were there, there weren’t too many people around. Oh and it was a weekday. (Benefits of working the Monday – Friday in Bahrain!)

Bahrain National Museum

Here’s another rather awesome statue – a pearl diver. Pearling was a massive industry here. Still is to some extent.

Perhaps since there aren’t that many touristy things to do in Bahrain, it’s a good thing I’m rationing them. Still yet to visit Al Fateh Mosque, a couple of forts or even venture to the south of the island. But hey, I’ve done the Tree of Life!


  1. I love how much history is still yet to be found in places with Bahrain where people have been settled for thousands of years. I love seeing ancient artifacts and ruins, and I bet you have a ton of that around! This museum sounds amazing.

    • There is! Quite a bit. But some of it isn’t very well looked after. They’ll be ruins that have been just left to turn to dust. However, I think there’s been quite a shift in the historical stuff from the politicians, and several groups have been set up to make sure a lot of the historical sites are all well looked after and maintained. I love that so many of these types of places are either free to enter or the tiniest entry charge.

    • We got lucky that day, it’s usually pretty much cloudless every day, but pretty hazy due to dust. That day though – no dust or haze, just a perfect blue sky.

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