Portland, OR

Happy World Photography Day 2015!


It’s 2015’s World Photography Day today and I’m using it as an excuse reason to post some of my favourite photos I’ve taken this year.

Photography is something I enjoy. A lot. I can get lost in it. Working forever to get that perfect shot of whatever it is I’m trying to capture. I’m by no means anything but a very amateur hobbyist with the will to grow my knowledge by just taking photos.

This post is a reminder. A reminder to myself to just keep taking photos. Photos of the every day. No matter what it is. Even if it’s not deemed shareable. I’ve fallen back on the excuse of just being home all the time to not take photos. Because they won’t be interesting. But the only way I’m going to keep on learning is to keep taking photos. Keep practicing. Keep learning.

World Photography Day – The Results


My plans to make more of an effort with my camera and using World Photography Day to give me that push all fell apart when I pulled my camera out of my bag, switched it on and saw a nice red logo flashing on the screen.

Oh yes. I forgot to put an SD card in. That is what you call SMART!

My only option was my phone. Thankfully the camera on my phone’s not bad, and with Vignette camera app, it helps taking some marginally creative photos:

Tessellated Sky Everyday shoppers My final destination Break in the day

Apparently that day I was very much in the black and white mood.

Maybe next year I’ll remember my SD card and have some better photos. August 19th 2012, you’re in my diary already.

Happy World Photography Day


It’s World Photography Day today and I thought, as I’m trying to get back into taking photos, I should celebrate the day by, erm, taking some photos!

PhotoJoJo have some great ideas of what to do today and I feel the need to at least try to do something photographic today.

I’ll post some of my photos that I took today soon, but until then, to celebrate all things photographic, here are some of my favourite shots that I’ve taken and some of my favourites that I’ve seen on flickr.

Some of my favourites

Ambition panta rhei Falling Snow - 2/52 216/365 - Sniff sniff mood indigo Abeilles par-ci, Bokeh par-là. T-rex Journey Begins IMG_8258 my fashionable gardener Just Wheat

Some of my own

Taking in some culture Going home Axel Reach to the sky Summer don't go Can you tell what it is? Hello October Don't crunch me! The lone gull The Final Sunrise [Day 3/365] Paper stars Having a ball! [Day22/365]

Wish me luck today, as I attempt to take some sort of interesting photo. If I’m really stuck for ideas I think I’ll see if I can do what The Daily Shoot ask for the day or PhotoJoJo.