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Happy World Photography Day 2015!

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It’s 2015’s World Photography Day today and I’m using it as an excuse reason to post some of my favourite photos I’ve taken this year.

Photography is something I enjoy. A lot. I can get lost in it. Working forever to get that perfect shot of whatever it is I’m trying to capture. I’m by no means anything but a very amateur hobbyist with the will to grow my knowledge by just taking photos.

This post is a reminder. A reminder to myself to just keep taking photos. Photos of the every day. No matter what it is. Even if it’s not deemed shareable. I’ve fallen back on the excuse of just being home all the time to not take photos. Because they won’t be interesting. But the only way I’m going to keep on learning is to keep taking photos. Keep practicing. Keep learning.

high rises

From the rooftop of the building I live in. You can’t get away from the new high rises that keep popping up.

Blocked out

The beautiful sunsets perfectly blocked out by this new building on the right.


Impressive sunsets made even more impressive by some dramatic smoke in the skies.


Those impressive sunsets just make everything look better. Even weeds.


Cody in one of her rare moments where she looks pretty damn majestic.


Sunset – check. Beautiful countryside in the background – check. Horses – check.

June Project 365

Trying to get a different POV from the same view I see from the living room and balcony. I’ll say it again, I can never get tired of this view.

June Project 365

And then there’s this view… an accidentally grubby view of the things I can see from the balcony.

Project 365: May

If I hadn’t persevered (and maybe been a bit stubborn) I would never have been able to get this shot.

Project 365: May

Anish was preparing an Indian spice starter kit for a work colleague of his. Helped him pick out the must-haves and put it in this little dabhu.

Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum isn’t half bad. Great place to take photos inside.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Wandering around Manama souk’s a good place to practice shooting from the hip. And feel like you’re getting it totally wrong. But you know what? That’s okay.

Bahrain GP - GT3 Series

Taking photos of fast cars – a lot harder than I ever suspected it to be.

My favourite shot of the night. Helps to be close to your subject with a good bit of light!

More practice at taking photos of fast-moving objects. And learning which lens would have been appropriate for the night. Spoiler alert, not the one I took.

Obligatory Grand Canyon shot, I feel.

Obligatory Grand Canyon shot, I feel.

It's VACAY time!

It’s VACAY time!

Green Dragon

Taking photos while Anish is slowly dying of allergies. Not sorry.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

The quietly stunning Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, OR. Definitely one to just wander around in endlessly taking snaps.

Good Morning, Phoenix!

Never did I imagine Phoenix to look like this. Never.

Portland Architecture

While you don’t get architecture like you do in Europe, there are some beautiful buildings in Portland.

I still have a tonne to learn in photography and taking photos. I’ve barely scratched the surface. But just needed to remind myself to just keep going with it. Never stop. Right?


  1. Wow, Jaina, these are gorgeous! I can’t believe you’re not a professional, these shots belong up in a gallery. I love your pictures of the city and urban areas in particular. They feel like they were taken with such love and tenderness. And great use of the “golden hour” in general 🙂


    • Aww, thanks Cat! I am truly flattered! Going to wait for the weather to cool down much, much more, and venture out more to take more photos during the day. At least on the weekends.

  2. Happy World Photography Day!!! Yes, let’s get out and shoot, keep learning, and having fun! Love the architectural shots and also the lightning! You’ve gained quite the number of new skills this year! Congrats!

    • Thank you Lisa! So much! For a lot of this year it feels like I’ve stagnated quite a bit when it’s come to my photography. So much so it’s been quite frustrating. Maybe it’s just me!!

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