100 movies of 2010: Update – Shrooms!

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100 movies of 2010

Just the one movie seen over the past week, which is a bit slack!

Shrooms (23/01/10)
There really wasn’t any sane reason to watch this movie. It was a late night, we needed a trashy horror movie to see and this filled the gap quite perfectly. Well, perfect in the sense that it was trashy. Your usual horror movie with the group of idiots, strange locals and a chilling myth to tie everything up in a nice bow. There was a good amount of horror movie gore and the obligatory nudity but really this wasn’t a very good movie or horror movie at that. Sure there’s a twist ending, which after seeing it you smack your forehead and realise how obvious it was.
Rating: 1/5

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13 movies so far this year

  1. Three Kings (4/5) 04/01/10
  2. Defiance (5/5) 06/01/10
  3. Frost/Nixon (4/5) 06/01/10
  4. Dreamgirls (4/5) 07/01/10
  5. Munich (2/5) 08/01/10
  6. Ray (4/5) 09/01/10
  7. Max Payne (1/5) 09/01/10
  8. Mirrors (2/5) 09/01/10
  9. Ali (5/5) 10/01/10
  10. Slumdog Millionaire (4/5) 16/01/10
  11. Australia (2/5) 16/01/10
  12. Yes Man (2/5) 17/01/10
  13. Shrooms (1/5) 23/01/10

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  1. Nathaniel Wood

    Max Payne is my favorite game and i also like the movie.’.;

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