Going for Chrome

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At work I spend a lot of the day getting frustrated with Firefox. Well, the beginning of the day starts off well enough, but towards the end of the day frustration levels are getting higher all down to the usually brilliant Firefox crashing, using a ridiculous amount of memory and slowing me down.

Starting this morning I decided to make the switch at work to Google’s Chrome. I’ve used Chrome on and off for little bits here and there but never really made the switch. No real reason why, other than I was used to Firefox. So, the same reason why many people have stuck with IE then?

Why have I chosen Chrome for my Firefox alternative?
Quite simply – it’s my next best bet for a good browser with extensions and isn’t IE. Good enough answer?

I was pleasantly surprised when I installed Chrome and it not only transferred all my bookmarks, but also my browsing history, cookies and all. So the move over to Chrome was made all the less painful! Next step was extensions.

Firefox has such an amount and variety of extensions I was a bit cautious as to whether Chrome could match it. It can’t. Yet. But there’s a decent amount of extensions so far in their stock. For work though I missed having the web developer toolbar that has been faithfully stuck to my Firefox browser for as long as I can remember. Thankfully Chrome does have Firebug Lite so I feel somewhat covered for work.

Also essential for work is Chromed Bird. Twitter client for Google Chrome. Yes it’s work, but we all need a little divergence at times. Echofon was my Firefox work Twitter client. Chromed Bird is so far so good, however it lacking multiple account ability is a definite downside.

I’l be trying to find some more extensions as this week goes by and will report on anything interesting!

After one day’s worth of work on Chrome I have to say I am impressed. It’s slick, quick and seemingly effortless. We’ll see how I feel at the end of the week and the computer’s been running with a million applications.

Sidenote – I’ve switched to Chrome at home too. Is it a sign?


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