My name’s Jaina and I’m an addict…

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… An addict of graze that is. It’s the strangest thing to be addicted to, but I feel I can safely say I’m not alone. Well at least I hope I’m not alone What is it? It’s a way of snacking on things that are genuinely good for you, so you needn’t feel guilty on nibbling on food throughout the day.

I like to think I’m a pretty healthy eater. Pre-graze I regularly snacked on nuts, dried and fresh fruit while at work. Chocolate tends to sit in the cupboard for months on end, unless it’s Green & Black’s chocolate. Not a big fan of crisps, though my addiction to Wotsits came out of nowhere and still niggles at me. I cook my own food most nights – have a takeaway maybe once a week. So graze sounded like something that would suit me.

How did I find it? A friend of mine – Rach – tweeted about ‘graze boxes’. I was intrigued, I went to the website and ordered my first box. So it’s all down to her! I sat there and rated all the foods I could find on the website and waited for my first box. I was more excited about getting food in the post than I should have been.

I’ve been ‘graze-ing’ for just about a month now, getting a box every week. I think I’ve had one box where I nibbled at it and left most of it, but that was down to me not rating the foods properly.

The box lasts me a couple of days, my current one’s on its third day! Depending on how much nibbling I do the boxes last a while.

So far, these are what I would classify as my favourites, crazy names for some amazing bits of super food:

  • Whispering Garden
  • All of the olives!
  • The Cranberries
  • Figgy Pop
  • Dark Chocolate Fondant (Yes, they do have chocolate too!)
  • Limoncello
  • Natural Vanilla Seeds
  • Wasapea
  • Italian Stallion

You could argue that I could make a lot of these mixtures at home, rather than spending money on graze. True. But I like the mixtures they do. It adds a bit of variety. Like I already said, I have been taking dried fruit and nuts to nibble on at work already, but I had been getting bored of what I’d been taking. This has given me a bit more of a choice and opportunity to not be bored with the food.

I just wanted to write this because I really love graze. I think it’s a fantastic idea, it’s good value and I wish I had thought of this! Sadly UK only. If you are in the UK, give it a try.

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