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I haven’t done any fandom related catchup posts, either forever, or for a very long time. I’ve started watching a bunch of new things and have dropped, maybe, a couple of shows I had been watching for a while. Felt now was as good a time as any to give a little catch-up on my TV habits.

(As it’s such a long list, I feel I should hide it behind a ‘read-more’ link. There’s an awful lot!)

24 (Sky One pace)
Yes, 24 isn’t exactly what it used to be. But it still entertains me every Sunday night. Jack Bauer as a grandfather is a little weird and not quite believable, Chloe’s lost some of her charm and the heads of CTU never start out as nice, but I’m entertained by the action and the big explosions. Call me fickle! How do I feel about it getting axed, or potentially axed, considering now NBC are thinking of picking up the show? Well, a bit annoyed! 24’s had its time and it really doesn’t need anymore time. Let it go!

House (Sky One pace)
I just watch and wait for it to entertain me. For me, it’s not the most amazing show, but it has some great characters and relationships, for which I am grateful for. I readily forget an episode after I’ve seen it, but like 24, it entertains me for the hour it’s on.

Chuck (US pace)
LOVING IT! Been a fan since day one and I adore this show. I had a few irks about the last episode I watched (Chuck vs. The Final Exam). Those irks boil down to there being some inconsistencies surrounding what a spy has to be able to do, but I can brush those under the rug because I love the show, characters and the feel of it. Seeing the Chuck panel at SDCC last year and seeing Jeffster perform might have elevated my love of Chuck. Oh and Charah? Eh, not so much a fan anymore.

How I Met Your Mother (US Pace)
I was late on the HIMYM bandwagon and have enjoyed my ride. Though of late I’m losing this fandom. It’s funny enough, but not as much as it used to be for me. Barney’s becoming more of a cariacuture than ever and Ted’s turning into more of a douche! Though he’s never been a favourite of mine. However I’m far enough into this show that I need to know where it’s going and how it ends! I don’t think I can drop it.

Bones (Sky One pace)
I was part tempted to drop this show at the start of the current season. I still enjoy watching it, but why watch something for the sake of it? Though, I’m glad I’ve stuck around. It’s not the best show ever, but it is entertaining, light and funny at times. The rotation of interns is brilliant and gives some variety. Also Cam rocks. Love her!

Burn Notice (US pace)
Another show I was late on and watched on the FX channel in the UK then caught up to US pace. LOVE IT! Like most things on cable. It’s fun to watch though it’s funny and Bruce Campbell always amuses! I like my TV shows with some action and things blowing up every episode.

Caprica (Sky One pace)
The pilot didn’t rock my world. I thought it was OK, but I saw the potential in it. I am happy to say that I’ve stuck with it and really glad I have! It’s becoming one of my favourite shows on TV now. While the Adamas aren’t all that interesting for me I LOVE the Graystones! Love, Love, Love them. Best family on TV right now. At least at this point in writing this entry, I think so.

Community (US Pace)
Amongst my favourite new TV shows this season. So funny! Community’s giving me more LOLs per episode than HIMYM does recently. Proper LOLs. Often, while eating my breakfast and watching Community, I have to stop eating to laugh. That’s never happened with HIMYM recently! I appreciate the lack of a laughter track. Abed could have his own show, which I would watch. Annie is getting to be so very awesome. Love it SO much!

Damages (BBC Pace)
Time for some serious, proper TV. Started watching on BBC pace and have stuck to it. I like my dramas to be all complicated and for the characters to have serious issues and their own twisty motives. I think I’d be scared if I ever met Glenn Close – Patty often scares the bejesus out of me.

Dexter (USPace)
The season 4 finale floored me. Well most of season 4 floored me and I think it’s going to be hard for them to top John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer. But I’ve no doubt whatever they do will be awesome. Is it time for this to be back yet?

FlashForward (Five Pace)
I was really looking forward to this but now? Well, the return after the massive hiatus has got me interested again! I’ll stick with it for now. Finding it hard going to watch because there’s no character I have any tie to and I don’t much care about the blackouts and why they happened.

Fringe (Sky One Pace)
More people need to watch this show. Period. It started out as a bit X-Filesy, but it’s not. Well apart from the central bit of the show where the team solve mysteries which lie slightly outside the realms of science. Walter is the best part of this show. He’s hilarious! I love Walter and Peter’s relationship. It’s slowly built from the first episode and I love where this show is going. More please!

Glee (US Pace)
Is it back yet? Is it back yet? Is it back yet? Is it back yet? Is it back yet? Is it back yet? Is it back yet? No? Damn! It needs to be. I need some more Gleeful TV!

Grey’s Anatomy (US Pace)
It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, though the current season’s been good. Though I’m not sure there’s a character left I actually care about. Maybe Owen. But that’s because I still think he’s Journeyman.

Law & Order: UK (ITV Pace)
While I have never seen any of the original Lamp;O series I started watching this for Jamie Bamber. I don’t watch a lot of UK stuff, though I happen to really like this. A bit of crime drama. It’s good!

Leverage (Bravo Pace)
This just started on Bravo in the UK. As in season 1. Yes I am very behind. I don’t feel the mad rush to catch up a la Burn Notice, but I do really like this show. It’s light and a bit like a modern day A-Team. As a long time fan of the original, Leverage is a welcome new show!

Lost (Sky One Pace)
OMG LAST SEASON! That’s pretty much all I have to say on the topic.

Mad Men (US Pace)
Why is the show not back yet? Last season left me wanting more, right away! I will say that it took me about three attempts to get into the show, but when I got into it I got completely hooked. I love it! Peggy and Joan are awesome. Whatever bad Don does I’m always on his side. Pete makes me laugh a fair bit, though it’s because he’s being himself. There’s never a dull moment. Lawn mower incident is my favourite thing in Mad Men – ever.

Pysch (Catching Up)
Tim had bee pushing me to watch this show for a long time. Well maybe not long, but it felt like. I watched the last few episodes of season 4, along with the season 3 finale so I could fully understand the season 4 finale. I bloody love this show! So much fun! It’s just really nice and light but then has some serious moments. Currently watching season 1, 4 episodes in. I wasn’t in love with the pilot, and while I do like Anne Dudek, I’m glad she’s gone!

Justified (US Pace)
It’s just started, as in there have only been two episodes, but I like what I’ve seen so far. Since seeing Timothy Olyphant in regular TV on Damages I wanted him to be on more TV – and here he is! I’ve not warmed up to many of the supporting characters/actors yet, but I think I will. Opening titles are very True Blood-esque.

Sanctuary (US Pace)
Shush all of you! And stop rolling your eyes. While Sanctuary’s probably not the best show in its genre it’s entertaining enough for me. I liked the first season, second season slipped a bit for me, so hoping the third season will bring it back to what it used to be. Though it’s all about Henry for me. They do need to get rid of Will. Even with his strange Bollywood dancing.

Stargate: Universe (Sky One Pace)
Yes, it’s trying to be like BSG and not quite getting it, but for some reason I like it. Well like might be a bit of a stretch. There’s plenty I moan about – the constant going back to Earth using the stones, stereotypical characters, etc. Though there have been some standout episodes which make me think I should stick with this.

Supernatural (US Pace)
It’s baaaack! I never thought I missed Supernatural until it came back with it’s usual blend of comedy and gut wrenching heart ache. One of the most underrated shows on TV, I just love it. Though even with the love, I wish the show was ending this season, rather than being renewed for another, when the creative dictated that there was only a five season arc. Bloody CW.

True Blood (US Pace)
Another show I did a catch up on because I was bored and then got sucked in. Second season was an odd one. More stuff to do with the church and less with Mary-Anne would have been my preference. That was an odd storyline. Also I don’t care for Sookie that much, or Bill, or many of the leading characters. However I do love Hoyt and Jessica!

White Collar (US Pace)
Goes in the list of favourite new shows. Like Burn Notice and Psych, it’s just fun to watch. Matt Bomer’s nice to look at too. Though I’m sad Natalie Morales has left and Marsha Thomason is back. I wasn’t a big fan of her and her horrible attempt at an American accent. Good thing she was accentless in Lost.

Modern Family (Sky One Pace)
( I might have forgotten this one – thanks Rach!) Along with Community this is my other favourite comedy at the moment. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I do but I think Cam is brilliant – Fizbo has been one one my favourite episodes so far. Manny is adorable. Just love the whole unconventional family thing. Damnit Sky One when are you planning to bring this back? You were only a week behind the States and now? Too far behind!

Right, I think that’s me TV-ied out. I’m betting I’ve missed something here or there. Probably things on hiatus or in between seasons. Sorry for the overly long and windy entry on only TV!


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    Burn Notice is one hell of a great tv series, i love spy movies and tv series like this one.;~.

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