100 movies: Action is good for the soul

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100 movies of 2010

I really do love my action movies. Brainless action, not so brainless, love them all. Here’s, what I think, are some good ones that I’ve seen recently:

Kick Ass (01/04/10)
It was funny going to see this at the cinema and hearing reactions from people sitting in the cinema who, presumably, had no idea about what the movie was about and the characters, other than comic book movie. Hearing the gasps and snorts of laughter when Hit Girl swore and got into action was funny. Now I haven’t read the comic book, but I do know enough about it to have expected some of the things I saw.

What I saw I absolutely loved. This will easily be in amongst my favourite movies of the year. It was just so good on all levels! I loved the action – Hit Girl’s action sequences were amazingly choreographed. Just amazing. It had plenty of funnies in it too. Plenty of giggles. But it made me cry – now I do cry at nearly anything, but there were some really touching scenes which got to me! Nicholas Cage got to do his crazy thing. Aaron Johnson was a brilliant lead and I am shocked to find out how young he is. Chloe Moretz was a big highlight of the film. Can I see the film again? Now? That was my reaction when the movie ended.
Rating: 5/5

Clash of the Titans (02/04/10)
I really resent Vue Cinemas. Why? All of my local cinemas are Vue Cinemas and NONE of them were showing Titans in 2D. I knew I wanted to see this film in 2D because after Alice in Wonderland I made the decision to not see a 3D film unless it was filmed in 3D and not treated after filming. As what was done with Titans. Sadly, I wasn’t able to. Bloody Vue! Maybe I could have waited to see if they’d eventually show it in 2D, but I just really wanted to see the film. The original was a childhood favourite, even though Medussa seriously creeped me out, and well, it’s just a lot of crazy action.

I wasn’t disappointed. Well maybe with the 3D, but I was expecting that. I kept flicking my glasses off and seeing, despite a bit of blurry-ness, there was nothing different. The film itself did what I thought it would – big monsters, lots of action, Sam Worthington being pretty awesome. All boxes ticked. I wasn’t expecting anything huge in the way of a storyline. The scenes with the gods felt a little cheap. But I did learn something. Stick a beard and long hair on Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes and they look almost identical.
Rating: 3/5

Fast & Furious (02/04/10)
Right, some of you are going to look at me differently after you read what I have to say about this film. I’m sorry if you do. I like these kind of films. A vague plot line. A lot of action. Really good action score. AND LOTS of pretty cars all going really fast, or seemingly going fast, and racing and just being awesome. I liked the first FF film. The second one was a bit of a joke and I didn’t even see Tokyo Drift. Neither Vin Diesel nor Paul Walker are the best calibre of actors but they suit this genre of film. And in its category, this is a damn good film. I REALLY enjoyed it. Far more than I thought I would. It’s good fun to watch. I really wish I could drive like some of the driving that was done in this film. In a muscle car. No wait … yeah, muscle car.
Rating: 4/5

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43 movies so far this year

  1. Three Kings (4/5) 04/01/10
  2. Defiance (5/5) 06/01/10
  3. Frost/Nixon (4/5) 06/01/10
  4. Dreamgirls (4/5) 07/01/10
  5. Munich (2/5) 08/01/10
  6. Ray (4/5) 09/01/10
  7. Max Payne (1/5) 09/01/10
  8. Mirrors (2/5) 09/01/10
  9. Ali (5/5) 10/01/10
  10. Slumdog Millionaire (4/5) 16/01/10
  11. Australia (2/5) 16/01/10
  12. Yes Man (2/5) 17/01/10
  13. Shrooms (1/5) 23/01/10
  14. Valkyrie (4/5) 30/01/10
  15. Love the Beast (3/5) 30/01/10
  16. Brick (4/5) 31/01/10
  17. My Bloody Valentine (2/5) 06/02/10
  18. Fantastic Mr. Fox (3/5) 06/02/10
  19. Children of Men (4/5) 13/02/10
  20. We Own the Night (3/5) 14/02/10
  21. Outpost (1/5) 20/02/10
  22. Push (4/5) 21/02/10
  23. Revolutionary Road (5/5) 24/02/10
  24. Milk (5/5) 26/02/10
  25. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (3/5) 27/02/10
  26. Rendition (3/5) 27/02/10
  27. The Reader (4/5) 28/02/10
  28. Flags of Our Fathers (4/5) 03/03/10
  29. A History of Violence (4/5) 03/03/10
  30. Office Space (5/5) 04/03/10
  31. The Eye (2/5) 04/03/10
  32. Alice in Wonderland (4/5) 05/03/10
  33. Bolt (4/5) 06/03/10
  34. Gran Torino (5/5) 06/03/10
  35. Franklyn (2/5) 07/03/10
  36. Green Zone (4/5) 11/03/10
  37. Whip It (4/5) 12/03/10
  38. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (0/5) 12/03/10
  39. Shutter Island (3/5) 13/03/10
  40. Triangle (4/5) 27/03/10
  41. Kick Ass (5/5) 01/04/10
  42. Clash of the Titans (3/5) 02/04/10
  43. Fast & Furious (4/5) 02/04/10

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  1. sofahopper30

    I just finished watching clash of the titans i thought it was good, not sure if i like this or the original better. release the kraken!

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