This weekends photos

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Project 365

I haven’t been posting my photos! Not even a weekly summary. So I think i should just post them daily. I’ve got a better track record of posting them that way.

Here’s the last 3 days worth of photos:

Fenced in
Garden fence, looking a bit bare, but hopefully that plant there on the right will fill up the space nicely soon.

After a good few weeks and me beginning to think that they’d never grow, some of the tomato seeds that I planted have finally begun growing!

The Friendly Mrs. Fox
I know this might be a bit lazy but I can’t help but have this fox as a photo of the day again. She is definitely a she and she was seen at about 7pm just taking a nap in the garden. Trying to soak up the last bit of sunshine and really not fussed about getting her photo taken.

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