Sorting out my Twitter self

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I have finally sorted my Twitter accounts out! Accounts you say? Yes, I have more than one. For good reason.

Initially I had one for myself and my normal ramblings, one for DTD (who’s days are now numbered) and one for DTD’s Forums. Three’s not too bad a number. Considering one, the Twitter account for the forums, was just pulling the new replies and threads from the RSS feed.

After starting this site, realising I quite like tweeting from DTD’s Twitter account, but only for TV/movie fandom things and opening a portfolio, I realised I’d need a bit more separation in my tweeting life.

So here’s what I’ve got now:

@steamsmyclams: Twitter account for me, the one I’ve always used and will always use. Usually stuffed full of ramble-y things about my day to day life. Photos of the day will still appear here.
@jainamistry: Twitter for my portfolio and generally more web/work related things. I won’t be ramble-y there!
@ChicTVGeek: What I’ve renamed DTD’s Twitter to – still all TV related, just a new name.

I swear one day I will post the wrong thing on the wrong Twitter account with epic consequences, and not just the mildly amusing consequences that has happened.


    • It’s taking me long enough to remember it’s me. I keep looking at the username and icon and thinking, “Hang on … did i do that?”

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